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That’s good, hardcore YA writing (in my humble, humble opinion!

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Writing to entertain is just as worthwhile as writing to teach or writing to heal. So what if my first novel is a teen vampire romance? Then I get busy creating pages of goals, dreams and hopes for each facet of my life: writing, family, friendships, health, finance and work.

Now before you get all judgey on me and start making assumptions, let me tell you this.

So without further ado, I give you my Writing Resolutions for 2016. It seems like only a minute ago we were unwrapping our gifts and eating too much pudding… There were the usual conundrums of what to wear and what to say as well as a few additional nerve-janglers only associated with a pitching-event: Before the date, I worked diligently planning my outfit – nah just kidding – I finalised my manuscript, making sure it was ready to be sent off if requested.

I wrote out my pitch and then I ran it by my galfriends here at The Posse.

2016 Great Beginnings Contest Enter the opening five (5) pages of romance novels of all sub-genres. My policy was: You hit it to me, I’m going to hit it straight back out into the universe.” Gilbert also asserts the importance of taking control of our self doubt, of not feeding the monster and allowing it to overwhelm the passion to write. These points totally resonate with me, as I struggle with both of these insecurities, these worries. And from this moment on, I fully intend to embrace my uniqueness and be the court lobster 🙂 There were also countless cool anecdotes throughout – several of which I absolutely adored.

will submit a query and 5 pages of their draft (completed) manuscript to one of fifteen, highly sought-after freelance editors. ) authors to work with for a month of intensive manuscript development. “Speak to your darkest and most negative interior voices the way a hostage negotiator speaks to a violent psychopath: calmly, but firmly. by Robin La Fevers (which I loved, by the way – thanks Lorelle for buying me a copy and not allowing me any more excuses), I asked the Print Posse gals what they thought I should read next. Well, she didn’t exactly shout, as we were chatting on Facebook, but she might as well have been, because after our conversation I felt I had no choice but to order a digital copy of You see, Big Magic is organised into six sections: (i) Courage; (ii) Enchantment; (iii) Permission; (iv) Persistence; (v) Trust; and (vi) Divinity. Like the story of Winifred, the 90-year-old expert on ancient Mesopotamia, and Elizabeth’s own tale of not letting lack of inspiration get her down, but instead allowing her curiosity to guide her on a journey of discovery through botanical history that began in her own garden.So when I was maybe about fourteen Judy Blume, my trusted beloved author-of-choice, initiated me into the complexity of young adult relationships, intimacy, contraception, teenage pregnancy and… And just as well she did because I certainly wasn’t going to be asking my folks!Here’s a line from that old classic: “After, we lay in each other’s arms and I thought, there are so many ways to love a person.Keep your eyes peeled for more top quality romance for YA and let us know!And when you’re next tapping at the keyboard and thinking about the love-line within your broader YA plot line, remember what Judy taught us in Ah, February, the month of love…All entries must be received by February 14, 2016 Submit the first 5000 words (3000 words for the Novella category) of an unpublished work of fiction. But for some reason, whether it was the right time or I was in the right frame of mind, they made so much sense. But then (getting back to I need to read that it’s okay to write stuff that is simply fun. She can weave her magic all over you on: 18th February, Theatre Royal in Hobart 25th February, Griffith University Conservatorium Theatre in Brisbane 4th March, Seymour Centre in Sydney Pop over to Elizabeth Gilbert’s website to find out more… Finally, I sit down with some good music and a cuppa.

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