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We know that Jed leaves much unfinished, unfulfilled, unsaid.

There are still other things you wanted to share with him, and he with you: Graduations, weddings, the birth of children and grandchildren; another walk on the beach at sunset with Justin, another shopping spree with Katie, another good laugh with the group, one more drink with Josh, another hike with Jeremiah, more late night talks with Jaz, and another hug from every one, all the wisdom and insight to share, to build a home with mom and family for all to be safe and comforted.

She will never be forgotten in our eyes but I want the world to know how much mental illnesses affect people..

the hospitals these poor people are put in treat them horrible.

This sadness for the loss of this life, full and blossoming, mingles with the sadness for the loss of possibilities not realized.

NEVER FORGTEN FOREVER LOVED Young, Thomas, born 02 September 1973, died 08 March 2010 in Springfield, Ohio Our Remembrance A \"sometimes too smart for your own good\" very cool brother.

Love Mom Danni Rakaric, Dominik, born 05 September 1996, died 12 June 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia Our Remembrance Nedostaje mi sunce moje,oprosti to ti nisam pomogla. she suffered from a mental illness that took her life.

She left behind 7 kids, family and friends that loved her dearly.

I`m going to end this like he would - Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes! Pavlina Koval, born 08 February 1963, died 25 March 2014 in Bedford, Ohio, USAOur Remembrance I love and miss you. Your beautiful smile and heart will never be forgotten. All My Love Always Rest in peace MISS YOU EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, Love, Your Little Sister Theresa Taylor, Patrick Anthony, born 08 September 1964, died 07 July 2012 in North Carolina Our Remembrance By Robert Frost Dedicated to Pat. But now the theory goes That the apple\'s a rose, And the pear is, and so\'s The plum, I suppose. You, of course, are a rose Thompson, Sarah, born 19 January 1967, died 16 July 2014 in Martinsburg, West Virginia Our Remembrance Sarah Anitra Thompson was born on January 19, 1967 to Karen (daughter of famed child psychologist Manfred Sonstegard) and Jerry Thompson, in Harvey, Illinois.

You touched so many lives in your years as a registered nurse. Gignac, Kathryn Rose, born 04 June 1984, died 28 August 2005 in Menominee, Michigan Our Remembrance We wish we would have listened. After her mothers death when Sarah was almost three her father moved the family to Shepherdstown, WV, where Sarah grew up.

His favorite pass time was to play video games like Minecraft and Kek`s Adventure in Dudesville, so much great times we had together!


  1. The sheriff kept saying there were more of them and so it was just my word against there's so he could do nothing.

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  5. Still, when I met my first girlfriend in 2007, a ballerina who had recently moved from San Francisco, I was immediately taken aback by an overarching obsession with status and money.

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