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I honestly wouldn't f'ck with that kind of crazy even if it is indicative of only a small part of a large population.Even if his family isn't that extreme, they've already said you're not welcome. I'd maybe be a little pissed that the guy allowed himself to get involved with you knowing he'd never be allowed to marry you.OP, I've known a few Indian men/American women couples and they have been married for many years.

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I have an ongoing attraction for learning about various cultures.

The worst thing is that Indian men have so much options in women.

So many young and cute indian girls and other Asian girls.

They said that there would be cultural differences and others will not accept us.

These are things that we would have to deal with together, but he is willing to just give up the idea of us being together.

If America goes down, u can move there and get work cuz loads of work going there. My first reaction is to wonder if you always research cultures by jumping blindly into relationships. I mean, is the guy a research project or a boyfriend? Did you only make the comment about learning about different cultures because NOW you feel OBLIGATED after starting a romance with a foreigner?

Plus, bollywood and entertainment from all over Asia is great. The whole way you presented your story seems somewhat HOKEY to me.

This is horrible because he was a great friend to begin with.


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