Intimidating cop cars

Once there are no cars in that direction, check the other direction.When that side is clear, recheck the other direction again before taking off.

If you keep the key pressed longer than necessary, in many vehicles you'll hear a terrible grinding sound.

Doing this too often can eventually ruin your car starter.

Unless you're using a keyless start option, insert and turn your key and start the engine.

The important point here is to turn the key only as long as necessary for the engine to start firing, then let go.

Treat the gas pedal (on the right side) in a similar way.

Never slam your foot down onto it unless you're required to accelerate quickly to escape danger (even then, use caution with the amount of sudden pressure you apply).

Most newer vehicles will start within one to three seconds, while older vehicles can take longer.

If your older vehicle isn't starting quickly, look into having the engine serviced.

You can lightly press the ball of your right foot on the gas pedal if you need more speed or power.

Turn the steering wheel in the direction you want the car to go, whether you're moving forward or in reverse.

In that case, you may leave your key in your purse or pocket and simply press the Start/Stop button while your foot is on the brake.

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