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What Apple’s TV ads fail to show are those lonely couples who have to painfully be apart from each other for long periods of time.

Long distance relationships are hard, but Facetime might be a great tool to bring couples closer.

Apple's biggest tablet adversary, Google (GOOG), has already made it clear that the Android platform will remain open.

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Our next set of articles will cover Android and Skype as an alternative.

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Facebook said that the feature will be rolled out to other regions “over the coming months”.

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Lets admit it, we’ve all talked dirty or sent a naughty text message to our significant other at some point.

On those late nights when you’re in both in bed, miles away, what could be better than to see them next to you.

For instance, a service could have a gamer connect to a working gal on i Phone Face Time and simultaneously play a game of Scrabble with her on the i Pad.

And Apple isn't the only platform with the growing phone/tablet base: According to Darren Murph of , Best Buy is making tablets its focus this holiday season, presumably from Toshiba, Texas Instruments (TXN) and countless other contenders.

That’s why Facebook thinks video calling will live naturally inside Messenger.”But it may be that the two have also been integrated in part to bring attention to Facebook’s plans for Messenger as Platform, an initiative the site launched last month.


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