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“The benefit will be very big in terms of child protection.When more countries follow the Australian lead, many more children will be safer from abusers.” Fr Cullen has been working closely with Independent TD Maureen O’Sullivan, who in her role as a member of the foreign affairs committee, said draft legislation to impose travel limitations on Irish citizens who have been convicted of a sex crime is on course to be unveiled in just two weeks.Under Canadian law, its citizens can be prosecuted for certain sexual offences committed against children abroad.

The HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme has developed this website because young people are becoming sexually active at a younger age than they did in the past and some young people feel huge pressure to engage in sex before they are ready, putting them at an increased risk of crisis pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections in their lifetimes.

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Tremblay pretended he was 16 when the contact started and later said he was 19.

Before he travelled to Ireland, he told the girl his real age.

The campaign is being spearheaded by Fr Shay Cullen, the Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Irish missionary who runs the PREDA child abuse charity in the Philippines.

The Dublin-born priest said a move to prevent registered sex offenders from travelling abroad would particularly benefit developing nations, such as the Philippines, where sex tourism and child prostitution are rife.

Parents have an important role in influencing their children’s thinking about relationships and sex, so that they make healthy decisions for themselves as they get older.

The Crisis Pregnancy Programme has a range of Information Leaflets to assist parents in talking to their children about relationships and sex.

This campaign will be supported through schools and youth work settings.

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