Is musiq soulchild dating anyone

Wright has chosen to openly break the news via Instagram, she posted many pictures accompanied by the singer.Interesting how what was once known as Polight’s goddess and center of everything won’t seem to stop mentioning her upcoming child with her former man’s friend. 😌😝✊🏾 #letthejourneybegin #excitedtodoitwiththevillage #finallyfeelsgoodtoshare #cantwaittotellyallabouttheshitshowofthispregnancy #aintnothinglikebefore #bothgoodandbad #iloveyall #mswrightsway #8weeks #godseed A post shared by Ashley "Tiyumba" Wright (@mswrightsway) on As I indoor sunbathed this morning, I meditated on what was important to me and took breaths of gratitude.It’s very confusing.” In addition to the “confusing” nature of their relationship, Meelah says Musiq isn’t exactly a fan of reality TV, but adds that he agreed to appear on the show to share the story of their autistic son.

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She took to Instagram this morning and posted a picture of her and her daughter at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Check it out below: Now, time for a little back story!

I dressed myself to remind us of our family structure, the beauty of my femininity, the delicate yet powerful place of my womb, the link to us all, and the new beginnings of me as a non single woman. The last news we’ve heard about Musiq pertaining to his love life is that he is still living with his ex and also former 702 member, Meelah Williams but the two haven’t been pictured together in some time so this could all be fair speculation.

These are reminders to us that I've stepped into a new space and have prepared myself internally and externally for him. Nonetheless, Musiq has really messed up with this one and might want to clear the air sooner than later if he ever expects a clear image after these recent events. Do you really believe that Musiq Soulchild is Ashley Wright’s child’s baby daddy?

Do you feel that he is wrong for supposedly sleeping with his friend and mentor’s wife even after they had parted ways?

May 15, 2017: Musiq Soulchild announced last month that he got a popular Instagram blogger named Ms Wrights Way pregnant.

Taalib Johnson known professionally as Musiq Soulchild had sought out Brother Polight for mentorship and may have used a rouse by contacting Brother Polight via his “wife” Ashley Wright back in January of 2017.

According to our well placed sources, Musiq flew to Los Angeles and set up a meeting with Brother Polight and the two spoke on some of the issues the singer was trying to get help with.

Celebrity mentor and public figure, Brother Polight, was seen pictured on Instagram with Soulchild a few months ago back in January.

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