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In addition to her musical talents, Katy’s continued success can be attributed to her stage presence and unique style, from her spinning peppermint-swirl dress to giant on-stage cake props.She described her style to Hottest Woman of the Year in 2013.A three centimetre tumour was revealed to have grown in the rear part of the young surfer's brain; shocking everyone and leaving Mc Coy with two options.

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He called a friend and soon after he was enjoying the full fruits of being back on home turf.

But after being dragged onto his fifth wave, the surfboard slipped out from beneath his feet - its fin slicing deep into his forehead, making contact with his skull.

If it weren't for the fin cut, I never would have known the tumor was there.

Born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson in Santa Barbara, California, Katy Perry started her music career as a teenage gospel singer but exploded as a pop sensation in her early 20s.

Commandant: But with two aircraft ditching there must be some signs of wreckage. Who: [gently] Why do you think the Chameleon plane crashed into the sea? Commandant: Because it must have collided with the RAF plane and dropped like a stone.

Commandant: Because it disappeared off our radar screen!

With blood gushing from his scalp and only narrowly clinging to consciousness, he was rushed to hospital.

Mc Coy underwent a CT scan so doctors could check the severity of his injury, and while there was no indication of serious damage from the board, a startling discovery was made.

(") Detmer was responsible for initiating the Discovery's spore drive, and was at the helm for the attempts to reach Corvan II, both the initial abortive attempt, which saw her maneuver the ship out of the gravity well of an O-type star, and the second attempt where Detmer brought Discovery to a halt over the mining colony.

Who / Eighth Doctor / Fourth Doctor / Future Doctor / Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor / Patrick Troughton 2nd doctor / Second Doctor / Seventh Doctor / Sixth Doctor / The 10th Doctor / The 11th Doctor / The 12th Doctor / The 13.5th Doctor / The 13th Doctor / The 1st Doctor / The 2nd Doctor / The 3rd Doctor / The 4th Doctor / The 5th Doctor / The 6th Doctor / The 7th Doctor / The 8th Doctor / The 9th Doctor / The Eighth Doctor / The Eleventh Doctor / The Fifth Doctor / The First Doctor / The Fourteenth Doctor / The Fourth Doctor / The Ninth Doctor / The Second Doctor / The Seventh Doctor / The Sixth Doctor / The Tenth Doctor / The Third Doctor / The Third Doctor Who / The Thirteenth Doctor / The Twelfth Doctor / The War Doctor / Third Doctor From "Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones: Episode 4 (#4.34)" (1967) [last lines] Jean Rock: Negative report from Air Sea Rescue, Sir. Commandant: [snatches a note pad from his desk and draws a big circle, bisected by a horizontal line] You see, when a plane on that radar appears to stand still, it is in point of fact dropping straight down.

Growing up in a conservative family, Katy started singing lessons at 9 and learned to play guitar at 13.

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