Java gui not updating

You need to create objects of both of them to have them on the screen.

And I've read almost all of the Sun tutorials on this subject so I don't understand why I can't figure out whats wrong. The revalidate description says it is unnecessary in most cases, though.

And trying to use it has caused my program to become non-responsive, although this could be my fault.

no dispose, no new JFrame So if I have a static JFrame which has a JPanel which has a static JTable inside of it, should I do JTable.remove All() ?

And if so, how should I re-add all of the data to it?

Simply say (if table is my JTable) table = new JTable(data, columns)?

Actually, judging by what you said, I'm thinking I should use JFrame.remove All(), since things are being added to the JFrame each time...

I have two GUIs that I was to interact with each other.

What happens in one GUI is dependent on what happens in the other GUI.

Unless you call revalidate() the GUI will not get updated.

You can remove all the components on the other GUI once the Team is deleted from the first GUI. This is a general way of updating the GUI dynamically.

When I delete one of these games, I want the first GUI to respond by updating the entire GUI so that it will reflect the changes. I apologize, but I can't find any information about this in the java Sun tutorials or anywhere else...


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