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Haven't been on the guitar for almost a month now so everything turned out pfft! But I found this recording I've done few months back.Anonymous asked: Will you be doing tutorials for Joe's new music?’ The needle came off the record and he goes, ‘No, that’s my wife! This is the week-old girlfriend, I think the world will continue to spin, but when I just confused somebody’s wife for the guy’s mother, I actually sent her flowers and went down and apologized.

Thankfully, Buck’s broadcasting partner, Brad Faxon, was more up to date on Koepka’s love life and corrected the mistake moments later.

“Joe, that’s actually his new girlfriend,” Faxon said as Koepka, who was a three-time all-American at Florida State, walked toward the clubhouse. They were all staying together this week.” Sims is an actress and former Miss Teen Georgia USA 2007 whose Wikipedia page was updated Sunday evening to also describe her as Koepka’s “new” girlfriend. I got handed a card by a buddy who was phenomenal all week, and it had old info on it.

“I’ve done way worse than this, that’s the funny thing,” Buck said.

“But it was before the age of Twitter and kind of clickbait stuff, when I asked [Arizona Diamondbacks infielder] Tony Womack at the end of a division series game [in 2001] when he was hugging a woman down on the field and I was interviewing him from the booth, who, truth be told, I couldn’t really see.

Buck, who said he thought Fox’s broadcast team showed it could “do golf and do it well, despite the whole WAGs segment at the end,” suggested that he would eventually reach out to Koepka about the mix-up.

“The only person I feel bad for in the whole situation is his ex-girlfriend,” Buck said.By 2008 he was hyped and labelled as the "Number 1 Unsigned UK Artist" on My Space and had amassed 11 million song plays. He grew up in Shirley, Southampton where he attended Wordsworth and St. He quit tennis at the age of 16 when he decided to make focus on a potential career of sports coaching. Then he quit due to a lack of interest in classical compositions.A few years later when he was 16, he saw musician and guitarist Derrin Nauendorf play at a local music club. Using his mother's old classical guitar, he began to teach himself to play in his room.After leaving Mountbatten Secondary School in Hampshire, his interest in the guitar and music recording lead him to focus on Music Technology classes while he attended Barton Peveril Sixth Form College.Between music classes in college and recording at home on his own digital recorder, he began to produce his own songs and covers, which became popular via Myspace.He received help from various musicians whom he met while attending the Soul Survivor music festivals.

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