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0871/2 number owners are classed as premium rate users now & are charged to the landline caller at up to 10/minute from a BT landline.

0871 is the only real revenue generating premium rate 08 number, those wanting to earn revenue share per minute On 1st August 2009 Ofcom made all 0871 or 0872 numbers premium rate numbers & they are now regulated by the Phone-Paid Services Authority.

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You can type in either the name of the company you are calling or the number you are dialling and search for either a geographical or freephone (0800 & 0808) alternative number. 0844 - Up to 5p per minute, with a 5p minimum charge, for BT customers (source) 0845 - Callers will usually be charged a low-call rate, around 3.5p/min - 4.5p/min. (source) 0870 - Callers will usually be charged around 6.9p/min to 8.9p/min depending on their service provider. (source) 0871 - Callers will usually be charged 10p/min fixed rate. (source) There are obvious savings to be had particularly as a lot of the companies keep you either on hold or in a queuing system so even if there is not a freephone number listed in many cases dialling a UK geographical number we still see yourself making a saving.

This is also extremely useful if your on one of the many talk plans offered by phone companies where you can dial UK geographical numbers free of charge.

09xx - Used for many different purposes for example; TV voting lines, gambling, digital content and various adult and non-adult type entertainment services.

This site lists alternative (geographical) numbers for 0844, 0845, 08 dialling codes.

Owners on 0871 numbers usually receive a small revenue of between 2p & 6p depending upon how many minutes they receive of calls each month.

The owner of the 0871 does not collect any revenue from the mobile networks whom are charging these much higher charges.Only numbers you can find us on these days are: 08 (general enquiries/sales/events) - 9am-6pm, mon-fri (approx 4p/min or less) 08 (tech support for Clanservers/DSL) - 10am-10pm, 7 days a week (approx 8p/min) They're not "premium rate" numbers @ 50p/min or anything like that.Each of the full time staff has a non-geographical number that goes direct to our desk but we dont tell you those After a bit of research I have found out everyone has a geographical phone number, To have a Non Geographical Number you need to have a Geographical Number to divert the calls to, Wizzo must have just chosen not to give anyone this number, I do understand MPUK is a business and makes money from these numbers (albeit probably not a lot) its just annoying when your on a calling package that allows 24/7 free calls to UK geographical numbers and I still have to pay on the occasions I have to call MPUK Yup, Kibit is correct - those non geographic numbers simply re-route the call to a regular geographic number - if you don't know it, ask Wizzo (or your telephony provider) Further, the saynoto0870 website is good and I have used it in the past, but it doesn't have a very large database of numbers at all - very few small to medium companies are in there - it seems to only be huge multinationals and banks.If you continue without changing these settings you consent to this - but if you want to you can change your settings at any time at the bottom of this page. COM, please exercise due caution when acting on any info from here.Also saving myself 1.3p a minute in call charges hardly seems worth the 30 seconds or so it takes to search and find the number - HOWEVER one or two of those numbers offer a central switchboard manned by humans where you could not otherwise get it - so can be useful if you want to avoid "press 1 for sex, 2 for mutual masturbation or 3 for fellatio" style lines.


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