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It's about the fun you can have expressing yourself through music.

The Boom Blaster features a central dock with a transparent 'twist and lock' door to keep your i Pod® or i Phone® safe.

It works with a range of other sound sources—USB memory, tuner and (for the RV-NB90 and NB70) Guitar/Mic and audio inputs—to widen the choice of music you can enjoy. Use your i Phone® to record your dance moves then just plug a monitor into the video output to check your form.

You can also play or sing along with music videos and movies.

Thanks to the metronome function, the JVC Boom Blaster is also perfect for plain-vanilla guitar or dance practice.

The JVC Boom Blaster: great tools to express yourself through music. Now you can use your i Phone® or Android™ phone to control your music wirelessly.The RV-NB90 also includes a fabulous 8-step distortion function.There's no need for a separate effects unit because simply plugging in your guitar provides serious amplification and fabulous distortion effects. Play along with any music source you want—CD, i Phone®, Bluetooth®, tuner and more—and feel like you're part of the band. Me being on controller means i have to match my speed sensitivity controller settings to how low or high my field of view settings are.Creative 7.1 soundcard (x2) / 3 BENQ XL2720Z 144 Hz 27" PC: ASUS Pro Series - Intel i7 4790 (8x 4GHz) - Win10Pro - n Vidia GTX 980 ti - 16 GB ddr3 - SSD 256 GB / Buttkicker / PCars Dash / RS Dash I usually do it along a straight, it's a bit like fiddling with the radio or looking for that bag of jelly babies I had in the glovebox You can get pretty quick at it though, and it feels great when you get it just right.In other words can I assign different functionalities to for example the up/ down buttons on the ps4 controller to the ones I have assigned to the up/ down buttons on the thrustmaster wheel?


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  2. When Iraqi President Saddam Hussein expelled Abu Nidal to Syria at the US's request in November 1983, the Reagan administration sent Donald Rumsfeld to meet Saddam as a special envoy and to cultivate ties.

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