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Ridgetop K9 Boarding Kennels is your best friend’s home away from home.

When you can’t take your dog with you, Ridgetop K9 Boarding Kennels provides your canine companion with a clean and comfortable stay in a private heated/air conditioned 4 foot by 6 foot kennel with attached 4 foot by 12 foot attached outdoor run.

As an elite-level athlete, James has always strived for nothing short of the best in performance, and it was important to him that he and Sherry apply that same philosophy to their business.

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When the property on which they now live and operate their business was up for sale, they knew that this was the opportunity they had always dreamed of.

The rural location in a beautiful country setting already had dog kennels and the Gemmells felt it was the ideal place to see their dream turn into reality.

This encouraged me to further my knowledge of dog training, dog behaviour and psychology.

In 2006 I started working with a local dog trainer who helped me develop this knowledge.

One of the perks of small town business ownership, notes James, is the power of word-of-mouth advertising.

People in small towns like Quesnel are apt to share information, especially when a business owner provides exceptional service.

ABC for K9 has now been running since January 2014 but with my now 10 years of knowledge and experience is growing into a well respected part of a community of dog lovers.

I now have one assistant trainer Emily along with three volunteers- Rain, Dainella and Amy.

I am the proud owner of a Doberman, which is a breed I love and have had the privelidge of having this stunning, sensitive powerful breed in my life since 1995.

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