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His management had committed him to perform at a benefit for veterans and when close ties to the RNC were revealed, Jean pulled out.“I’m a stronger supporter of Barack Obama.” Right now, he says he’s going to focus on developing young artists.

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Honestly, the lack of an engagement/marriage certificate between Marley and Hill doesn’t faze me…I understand that jumping the broom is not the defacto relationship end game for everyone. This patriarchal idea that a woman can only truly be secure in her self-worth and solidify her social standing through marriage is damaging, leaving unmarried women to question their value.

Based upon this misogynistic attitude, women who for one reason or another are single have something seriously wrong with them.

In fact, he believes “Miseducation” was all about him. “Her whole album was about her trying to make sense of our relationship, and when I listen to ‘Miseducation,’ it’s like reading a story of our personal history.

“When it came out, all the girls hated me,” he laughs.

Because as we well know, the “normal” and “good” women in the world ALL have husbands.

*blank stare* This position that a woman isn’t complete or legit until the day she gets her (marriage) papers is extremely problematic – it’s thinking like this that can pressure a woman to stay in an unhealthy or abusive relationship.

In my opinion, real commitment is not exclusively based upon securing a legal decree or a piece of jewelry. One’s love for a person is shown through one’s actions…it’s not a lifestyle choice.

Ultimately, a woman’s worth should not be defined by her husband or lack thereof.

In the eyes of some, she’s just another baby’s momma.

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