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JH: Jackie's kids actually scare the hell out of me because I just think they are both just going to end up such a mess.

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We've never really kind of seen that and to see kind of a truth at one point, it's really remarkable. There's so much I do want to show, would love to show more of his life and how he handles his diabetes and all of that.

It's a huge moment, I think for Jackie and for Grace, when you see a parent-child, wow. I was so glad that we were able to share that truth. "Nurse Jackie" airs every Sunday at /c on Showtime.

He was a really fun, different energy to throw in to all things. Geez.' Some stuff just chokes in her throat sometimes but she's got to ask for help. She needs a letter of recommendation from her new boss that doesn't even know her.

JH: You mentioned Merritt Wever and I wanted to ask if you have written towards her talents from the start. It's important for Zoey that she's in situation where...it's funny.

It's like, well, so what, I don't care what people say. It just hit me and it was like our own experiences of sobriety...during the break in between [seasons] three and four we had this long talk.

But it's just naturally what happens when you start to recover things are going to lighten up a little bit. We started to talk about what that would look like. I stood there with the monitor on keeping going, 'Oh, man. The idea of bringing in the character; that just was a lightning bolt. He just finished 'Mother Fucker With a Hat' [on Broadway] and he came in and we talked to him. JH: From the episodes I've seen, there is no sexual relationship between Cruz and Jackie when you would think Jackie would somehow try and make it about sex especially where she's at in her recovery. We've been down that road with her, too, already with Eddie (Paul Schulze).

I think that's going to interject a lot more comedy this year.

You know, we took a hit the last couple of years for not being comedy enough.

I can't wait for you to see the last couple episodes. JH: I have to ask about your brother (Stephen Wallem) because Thor is so fun.

There is a journey that her and Jackie take and at one point and I'm not going to tell you where, they actually smile at each other and it's remarkable. He's such a big teddy bear but I feel like we don't always get to see a big side of Thor's life. LW: We get to see some, not as much as what I would love. I swear, in my mind, what his life looks like and what I would love to do with that...there's not enough time.

LW: No, I just think it all came together, that it felt right. It just felt like this is a good turn to take in the periods right now, fourth year, because, again, hats off to Edie and that potency that she plays as an addict and a complicated character.

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