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Employers may not use surveillance to monitor union activity; some state laws limit how and where employees may be monitored; while federal wiretap law makes it illegal to record oral communication, which is why surveillance cameras usually lack audio.

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This CE webinar is designed to present the latest innovation in endodontic irrigation and will include discussion on the apical negative pressure technique.

Included in the discussion is a specific irrigation device that can be used to effectively deliver apical negative pressure during irrigation.

Lawful Use of Video Surveillance When employers use video cameras to monitor employees, they must have a legitimate business reason.

State privacy laws may determine the extent at which video monitoring is considered legitimate and therefore lawful (check with your state labor agency for more details).

Additionally, employers may have a difficult time proving that employees who only interact with other employees at the workplace need to be monitored.

Cameras that also record sound may run afoul of federal wiretapping laws, with or without an otherwise legitimate reason. Surveillance of Union Activity The National Labor Relations Act (NLRB) prohibits employers' use of video cameras to monitor employees' union activities, including union meetings and conversations involving union matters, while employers must bargain with union employees before using video surveillance.This CE webinar explores the necessary strategies, materials, and techniques a clinician should consider when impressing a single tooth, full arch, or implant case and present to you a comprehensive impression taking solution that ensures successful, long-term, and predictable impressions every time.The current landscape of cements can often be confusing.But regardless of the reason for use, employers must let workers know that cameras are being used in the workplace. Additionally, employers may not use video surveillance in a way that is meant to intimidate current or prospective union members.Get a Free Review of Your Potential Employment Law Claim Employers use video cameras to monitor employees for a whole host of reasons, but must do so lawfully.Modern, fully digital office in Sea to Sky Corridor on the doorstep of world class mountain biking and backcountry skiing, only 25 mins from Whistler amenities.

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