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When it comes to crime I am proud that Greens don't care about looking tough; instead in the coming election we'll be arguing for what is proven to genuinely reduce crime - accountable local policing, serious crime prevention, and constructive sentencing and rehabilitation.We must increase support for sustainable and long-term funding for violence against women support and advice services.

The Scottish Green Party stands for zero tolerance against all forms of discrimination.

Tackling inequality in society, in terms of income and wealth, race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation and religion, benefits all of us.

They can be mistaken in flight for a very large gull or a buzzard but have a distinctively different silhouette shape.

The full wingspan of an adult osprey is around five feet. They have a similar wingspan to a buzzard but smaller than a golden eagle – which can reach around seven feet across.

Whilst we did not advocate for a single police service for Scotland, believing that one size does not fit all when it comes to policing, the existing structure can effectively address strategic issues such as terrorism, human trafficking and cross-border crime.

Nonetheless, a significant devolution of power and resources to local division level is required.

Women and girls are especially vulnerable, and the documentary found one Slovakian girl who had been trafficked to Glasgow on three separate occasions.

The programme looked into dozens of suspicious marriages in Scotland and analysed how many of the couples were divorced after five years – the minimum time an applicant must live in the country before applying for permanent residency.

The expose showed how the women are sold to the men by East European criminal gangs, and can end up facing sexual abuse and domestic servitude.“After the marriage, they (the women) are kept under control by the traffickers and are exploited as domestic service by the husband, but also raped and sexually exploited by fellow nationals of the traffickers,” said Angelika Molnar, head of the agency’s trafficking unit.

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