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Although making a film about the Creole Voodoo practitioner isn’t in the cards with Murphy, she hints that the two are in talks to bring another influential female to the big screen, though is keeping mum about the lady in question as they’re only in the beginning, most exploratory stages.

“[Ryan Murphy and I] have had some conversations, not about Marie Laveau, but of another character, another woman who influences,” she admits.

Therapy is a process of learning, discovery, and growth- enabling people to lead more fulfilling lives.""At The Center for Connection, Healing & Change, we specialize in adult addiction recovery services that treat the client, and their family, as a whole.

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Programs can include a combination of any of the following services: individual therapy and addiction treatment, couple and family therapy, group therapy, emotional regulation and coping skill building, treatment for co-occurring disorders, trauma-informed therapy, anger management, biofeedback, mindfulness and guided imagery, and psychoeducation on addiction and recovery.""Good Neighbor promotes an improved quality of life for persons seeking individual, couples, and/or family therapy.

Counseling services are provided by licensed and experienced clinicians, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals who are dedicated to understanding the needs and concerns of their clients.

She notes that after getting recognition from her 1993 film What’s Love Got to Do with It, strangers began to feel like they knew her; that was she approachable. You can’t just run up on somebody and grab [her],” she states, adding, “At that point, I’ve noticed that’s when I pulled back. We wouldn’t say that ‘serious’ is a word that defines her though.

When she maintains that, in her eyes, her character can be described best by three words—“excited,” “hopeful” and “passionate”—we have to agree that they sum her up perfectly.

The most important thing is, if it doesn’t feel right, that we’re able to utter ‘No, stop, can’t do it.’ Especially women: we want to please, we don’t want to be rude, we don’t want people to think ill of us, but you have to trust your voice.” It is her very politeness that Bassett thinks may have caused a disparity in the public perception of her character. ’ “I think just the way I hold myself sometimes can come off as a little serious but that’s just for protection, as anyone would do,” she concludes.

“I think other people see me as very serious,” she muses, noting, that while she “can be,” as a whole, she’s much more light-hearted that she seems. She’s a blast; confident, honest and unafraid to give her opinion on topics like sex that other, more insecure actors might stray from. There isn’t anything quite so lovely as an unguarded Angela Bassett, as we’ve personally discovered.

“They don’t even have to like you.” That said, she doesn’t believe that a woman’s greatest power is withholding sex.

“It’s her ability to love, to influence, to bring insight to a situation,” she maintains.

As a multi-award-winning actress (her most recent nomination being a best supporting actress NAACP Image Award nod for However, Bassett singles out Marie Laveau, the fierce yet heartbroken Voodoo priestess she inhabited in American Horror Story: Coven, as the role she connects with the most, and hopes to reprise at some point.

“It would be wonderful to see a film or something that really highlighted her and the influence that this woman of color had in New Orleans had in the 1800s, in her community,” says Bassett, who played Laveau in Horror Story’s third season.

She does not hesitate in answering, “Being confident in who she is and what she brings.” Not that she’s always felt that way. “[Confidence] will come stronger year to year with the experience of just living.


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