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I would especially like to find out what Hans' father's and mother's names were, and if Hammer could be the name of a farm in Norway. I would be happy to trade any information I have with others researching same names. I also have family from HEMNES prestegjeld, Nordland.I am very interested in knowing as much as possible about emigration from the RANAFJORD area.We know a bit about the last generation of Roerings in Norway but are keen to find details of three of them that migrated to the United States in the last quarter of the 19th Century. We were back in Norway in 1977 & hope to return within the next year or two. If you read this and wish to contact me my email address is. Kastad lived near Stamnes, Norway and emigrated to Illinois in ~1876. Svend Winsnes has voluntered to assist but he's near Oslo - anyone from Trondheim area? Would like to re-learn my "norske" , as I was moved to USA in 1957 when I was 11 years old, Am intent on moving back to Norge to live out my life.

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From: South Dakota Time: 1997-10-12 Comments: I am looking for information on KOPREN, Anne from Jondal, Norway. Referred by: Word of Mouth From: Niagara Falls, Ontario, CANADA Time: 1997-10-10 Comments: I received this URL from my brother in British Columbia, CANADA and I presume he is trying to find our ancestors who come from Norway (Charles Monrad). From: Bedford, TX, formerly Grand Forks, ND Time: 1997-10-10 Comments: I am looking for ANY information on the TORGERSON family who settled in Polk County in the late 1800's. Send e-mail if anyone have information about these names. I am also looking for information on Tune near Frederickstaad where my grandfather Theodore Otto Jensen was born to Karen Oline Anderson and Arve Jensen (sometimes Jenson). A Time: 1997-10-03 Comments: I wuld like to hear from any one with interest of the following people. From: Time: 1997-10-03 Comments: My gg grandparents John CHRISTIANSEN born 1840/Marthea NIELSEN born 1839 from Grue, Hedmark, Norway. Name: Lynn Moen Website: Referred by: News Groups From: Saskatoon, SK Canada Time: 1997-10-02 Comments: Looking for relatives (living or dead) from; a) Sjoa, Gudbrandsdalen --MOEN, RANDEN, KOLOMOEN, GRAUPE, TEIGE, TEIGMOEN, etc.

His parents may have been Gunder Nielsen and Inger Evensdatter. From: Lom, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway Time: 1997-10-09 Comments: looking for information on families: MORK, SPANG(E)RUD and GUT(T)U, emigrated from Gudbrandsdalen in Norway in 1850 - 1900. From: Virginia, USA Time: 1997-10-09 Comments: I'm just looking up anything that has to do with Norway. Referred by: From Geocities From: Minnesota Time: 1997-10-06 Comments: I am looking for information on the Gandruds from "Store" Gandrud. Other names: Hans ARNESEN/Olia CHRISTIANSEN; Johannes EVENSEN/Berthe GULBRANDSEN; Knud SORENSEN/Anne JOHANSEN; Christian OLSEN/Ingeborg ERICHSEN. Especially descendants of Syver Nelson LILLEHOF, Jacon Arnesen SORTEBERG and Ole SKEDSVOLD, all in North Dakota.

Dolores Referred by: Word of Mouth From: Lawrence, KS Time: 1997-10-07 Comments: Grandfather Alfred Helmersen ASPVIK, Tjotta Parish, Nordland was born in ASPVIK and family lived in Tjotta/Alstaung Parish to 1600's.

This is the families that my great-great grandparents decended from. Ameican decendents are Williams, Lilleby, Anderson, Swenson, Roe, Gunderson, Jacobson, Torbenson, Enerson and others. My grandfather and grandmother were from Norway and came to Staten Island, New York.

From: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Time: 1997-10-13 Comments: Searching for HAUGLAND and HUMBORSTAD, from the Davik Parish in Sogn og Fjordane. Janika took her two children to North Dakota around the turn of the 20th century, but they returned to Norway in 1910. Some of the name changes I know were Abrahamsen, Erlandsen, Jeremiassen Hoelen. Referred by: Word of Mouth From: Bathurst, Australia Time: 1997-10-13 Comments: My grandparents were born in Norway but met and married in South Africa in the late 1890's. A Time: 1997-10-12 Comments: ANYONE FROM SKIEN, NORWAY? Family names I would be interested in learning about are BAUKOL and RINDAHL - Fron Church is the parish in Norway. Their grandchildren Odd R., Gerd Hansen Engelsen, Erling Werner-Hansen, Arne Traesdal Hansen, Bjorg Hansen. Their children's names were Louis, Peder, Carl, Martin, Anna, Randi, Hans, Arthur and Mabel. Name: Kathleen Isaachsen Turner Website: The Isaachsen, Baade, Turner, & Matthews Families Referred by: Net Search From: Mundelein, IL, USA Time: 1997-10-06 Comments: I am looking for any information regarding individuals with the surname of ISAACHSEN. I have 2 sisters & 7 brothers, so we are a large family, all living. Ronnaug was born June 24, 1881 and baptized in Kors church Aug. Information from Grandma Randina, He immigrated to America 1883. He was a farm tenant in south Bend Township at least 1885-1892. He moved with their five children Knute, John, Marie, Elizabeth and Anna to Cass County, Minnesota. Gina was baptized Jan 4, 1874 Vang Parish register 15, 1871- 1885. Moen Houston Tx [email protected] Referred by: Just Surfed On In! BJORLAND (Thostenson), BRASTAD (Thompson), DAHL (Anderson), EIDE (O Johnson). Johnson), HETLETVEIT (Olson), JEILANE (Larson), MADLAND (Hougas), REVHEIM (Iverson), ROSSEDAL (Rosdail), STEINE (Steen)..... Ten siblings (children of Morten Olsen Baever) and their widowed mother, Alet Karine Olsdatter, emigrated to U. Others to Dodge County, and then Audubon and Lake Park area in Becker County, MN.

His son Albert Monsen Haugland married Helene Serine Pedersdatter Humborstad in 1911. I would like to learn more about Albert's and Helene's parents and ancestors. Looking for connections to the following farms: FODNES (and variations), RISTE, RANEI or RANUM, BANG, BERG, and ? Some of my ancesters came to America from Folldal in the early to mid 1800s, while others moved to North Norway to Kjaekan. I've written a little narrative many have liked on: and best wishes, Dr. Frans Ludwig Norin came from Bergen, Norway in the late 1800s and settled in Roseau, Minnesota, establishing the only hospital in town. We haven't had too very much success until lately and now it seems like maybe we will be successful now with the Internet. Some work has been done but I don't have it to share - yet - will get on the stick and add it into the guest book later! Referred by: From Geocities From: USA - Oslo Time: 1997-10-06 Comments: Looking for HANSEN roots: Ole (blacksmith at Palace), Eliane, thier children Johan, Wilhelm, Aksel, Herman, George, Hjalmar, Anna. I'am glad to get on the home page to Norway, as my father came from Sandness, Norway, in about 1905 He landed in Mayville, North Dakota. Alma Haugen born Ellergodt June 1899 Pilotmound Township Fillmore County Minnesota USA. We find that Elisabeth daugther of farmer Jakob Knudsen Rodstol and Andersdtr. Malla were born December 6, 1873 in Vangs Prestigald Hedmarken, Norway. She died of Tuberculosis or consumson it was called back then. Her children were Oscar, Conrad, Carl, Elmer, Tressa, Anna, Altona, Alda, Sophie, Hanson. He precided in death by two daugthers, Elizabeth (Mrs, Carl Lee) and Anna. Knutson of Seattle, Washington and John Alfred of Madelia, Minnesota and three daugthers Besty ( Mrs. Moen Born 9-5-1871 Died 5-5-1939 Blooming Prairie, Mn Gary E. Also any information about Risholt and Asdal would be appreciated. Looking for information on Lars Hansen Helstad who left Norway on April 28,1868 to come to America. Referred by: From Link Exchange From: Littleton, NC Time: 1997-10-01 Comments: SKATRUD farm from Valdres, Norway. Will trade information with those interested in the growth of the Skatrud name in the USA. The Family historys of the folling are included in this book..... From: Bloomington, MN Time: 1997-09-29 Comments: BEAVER family of Kongsberg parish, Buskerud. First three settled in Wisconsin about 5 yrs, then to Dodge County, MN.

From: Puyallup, WA Time: 1997-10-14 Comments: Knud Halvorsen SVANHELDEN b 1829 NORD AURDAL, VALDRES, OPPLAND. I got most of my information (back to the 1600's) from the FHC, and am trying to verify it! Kristoffer Jacob Johannessen, born 1852 could be great-grandfather. From: Time: 1997-10-13 Comments: I am looking for information about my ancesters. The parish was Lesje and the farm name was Grimsbo which was also spelled Grimsboe. I appreciate others who continually contact me to make update & corrections and supply old photos, and I invite you to contact me if you have something to add. From: Hoffman Estates, IL Time: 1997-10-11 Comments: As I am planning to make a trip to the Scandinavian countries next year, I would like to find out if I can trace my grat-grandparents. I would appreciate any info anyone might have or info on how to narrow the search. The only info I have is that we were farmers - big surprise!! My brother Ronald Stanley Ulberg has been working for the same thing since 1972. Referred by: Word of Mouth From: Leesburg, VA Time: 1997-10-10 Comments: This home page has sparked a fire under me to learn more about my family roots Father's last name is BAUKOL spelled BAUKHOL in Norwegian, I believe. From: Oregon Time: 1997-10-09 Comments: Looking for one Carl Christian Hanson, a ships Captain that went down with his ship or died at sea??? I have a lot of information about these ancestors and would like to correspond with other descendants. So if you do happen to have it for a surname I would guarantee we are related. in Romsdalen, Norway according to the church records for Grytten Parish 1854-1882. He then married his third wife Wilhiemena Hanson Almquest a widower with eleven children. After his wife died in 1893 he moved with his five children to Cass County where he in 1899 was married to Gena Tonseth and they had two daugthers. He married his third wife Wilhamena Handson Almquest in 1908 . From: Grand Forks, N Dak Time: 1997-10-02 Comments: My Father Was from Vining Mn. Lund Vining Nancy [email protected] Referred by: Just Surfed On In! Moen Time: 1997-10-02 Comments: Looking for roots Name: Thurston H. Referred by: From Link Exchange From: Time: 1997-10-01 Comments: Great WEB page! From: Flin Flon Manitoba Time: 1997-10-01 Comments: I am reserching my family and I am trying to find out when they sailed to the USA. I would like to find any information I can about living relatives in Norway. The Sloopers book contains the stories of the families crossing, life in Kendall County, N. and finally to the Fox River Illinios settlement, All ancestors of these families are in this book through 1961.

From: Stoughton, Dane County, WI Time: 1997-10-13 Comments: Family thought to have emmigrated from MID-HASSEL farm Lista in West- Agder early 1900's. She had traced hers to Queen Sonja's line which goes back to 972AD Harold the Black, I've come up with a method to link ancestors back and have done so for 26-some generations in my ancestry. now - usa, nj Time: 1997-10-11 Comments: I would like to find out more about my Norwegian history. I would like to find out who his parents are and where he was born. Tallef and Guro had the following children: Halvor (born 1859), Torger (born 1863), Jorinda (born 1866), Albert (born 1867) and Knud (born 1869). Albert married Gunhild EVANS and they had the following children: Edward (my grandfather) , Gina, Tillie, Elmer, Amelia, Alice and Charles. Ludwig Thorsen Riis(Americanized to Reese) came to US in 1885, settled in Dane Wo., Wisconsin and married Marta Sjursdtr Solheim, daughter of Sjur Torgierson Solheim and Marta Gjertsdtr Lindebrekke. She was born Jan.3, 1860 at the Brudeli farm, her parents Anders Andersen and Lisabeth Olsdtr. She was burried at Esterdy Cemetery in Staples, Minnesota. Obituary from Randina Jacob Knutson, who has been making his home off and on again with his son, John and his daughter, Mrs. Funeral services were held from the Knudson home and at the Zion Lutheran Church last Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Jacob Knudson was born December 27, 1862 at Romsdalen, Norway and was married to Ronaug Brudelie at Romadalen, Norway in 1880 and emigrated to America in 1883 and settled on a farm at Rapidan , Blue Earth, Minnesota. Also searching for decendents of Inga Berthea SWENSON GOA, Gabriel SWENSON GOA (born in Stavanger), Karen Eliasen SUNDE, Ole and Carrie FREMBERG Referred by: Just Surfed On In! From: Del City, OK Time: 1997-09-30 Comments: Ancestors from the Stavanger area, left Norway 1825, aboard a Slooper called the Restoration, with 53 passengers.

From: Egersund, NORWAY Time: 1997-10-02 Comments: My name is Paul Rune Svelland, and I am looking for relatives all over the world Referred by: Just Surfed On In! Born Lund Nerdrum Fet Father of Whittenburg, Torgersen Pedersen, Torger Born 1774 Haneborg Skedsmo Mother of Whittenburg, Torgersen Hansen, Kari Born 1773 Haneborg Skedsmo Mother of Nielsen, Bertha: Olsen, Anne Born 1759 Lundnerdrum Fet Father of Nielsen, Bertha: Andersen, Nels Born Fosstien Akerhus Although I have many names and dates I have no personal information about any of these people and would like to connect with someone who does have more info. From: Minnesota Time: 1997-09-29 Comments: My relatives emigrated from Norway in the years of 1880-1900.

From: Placerville, Calif Time: 1997-10-01 Comments: Looking for LARSON, b. In Norway, their name was THORESEN but they took the name of HVALSTAD from the farm they lived on near Brummundal in the Ringsaker Parish.

From: Time: 1997-10-09 Comments: I am searching for information on decendants/ancestry of families living on /owners of Jacobstuen-Sorkness Farm in Grue in the 1700-1800's. I have a great deal of info on my family dating back to about 1200 plus their decendents in America. From: New York Time: 1997-10-07 Comments: Elen Martha Antonsen Born 09/23/1865 Parents: Anton Tobias Andreassen and Anna Martha Petersdtr Beitstad-Leerbakken-GLADSO Sound familiar to anyone out there? From: New York Time: 1997-10-07 Comments: Anyone with the name Egland or Egeland would to talk to .


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