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A review of the findings of the Pew Internet & American Life surveys between March 2000 and September 2005 highlights some particularly interesting trends and correlations: Young women are more likely to be online than young men.And black women have surged online in the last three years.[6 Scientific Tips for a Happy Marriage] Previous studies have consistently shown that married people drink less than single people, with the anti-drinking association stronger in married men than women.

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Researchers have in the past investigated differences in drinking between single and married people, but the new study is the first to look at alcohol use among different types of unmarried people: the never-married, the divorced and the widowed.

Sociologists from the University of Cincinnati, Pennsylvania State University, Rutgers University and the University of Texas at Austin looked at longitudinal data from 5,305 men and women from Wisconsin who answered questionnaires about alcohol use in 1993 and then again 2004.

Recently divorced men drank significantly more than men in long-term marriages, while women's alcohol consumption fell sharply after the dissolution of a marriage.

Drinking and Marriage The interviews shed light on these patterns: Drinking habits during marriage are influenced by those of spouses — for better or for worse — whereas how much a person imbibes after a marriage ends has to do with their coping mechanisms, as well as the shedding of marital influence.

Three-quarters of divorced men in the study said the stress and pain of their marital dissolution drove them to drink.

(Too much drinking can also cause marital strife, leading to divorce, and in turn leading to more drinking for men.) On the flip side, three-quarters of divorced women said they drank less after their marriage because they coped through depression rather than alcohol, and because they were no longer influenced by their ex's drinking.

For women, "the transition to divorce was discussed in relation to depression symptoms, which resulted in abstaining from both food and alcohol," the authors wrote.

"For most, alcohol was absent from their discussions of divorce.

Men on average drink more than women, and this statistic plays out during marriage and divorce.


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