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The Lord is speaking to me so richly through the Scripture.'"The last lesson Tour taught Nabeel involved the "New Testament challenge.""I said, 'Nabeel, a man or a woman can not read the New Testament, from Matthew to Revelation, ...

twice without becoming a Christian.' He said, 'Has that been your experience? I have done prison ministry, I speak with professors all the time, I have spoken with big politicians — it works every time.

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even the women who had totally given up are now happily married.

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These are packed with valuable dating tips and relationship advice which all have the potential to change every aspect of your love life. ~ Midge Woolsey She helped me figure out how to ask for what I wanted without being demanding. D told me when to leave him alone and when to apologize.

Tour spoke following short remarks from First Baptist Pastor Gregg Matte, who told the audience in attendance and the thousands watching the service online that Qureshi, a Pakistani American, was always "reaching for truth" and "reaching for Heaven.""It's almost as if the Lord just recently grabbed that outreached-hand and pulled him on up to Heaven and took him home," Matte said. He says, 'I am really torn on what I ought to do.' I said, 'Nabeel, I can help you.' He says, 'What's that?

"He was always seeking and always reaching and now he is face to face with Jesus."Tour, a 58-year-old chemist, began his remarks by explaining that he first got to know Qureshi in 2012."I remember when he got the offer from RZIM. ' I said, 'You would be an idiot not to take the RZIM offer.

' He said, 'I have been critiquing this and studying the relevancy of this portion and the authenticity of that portion. ' He says, 'Well, really not a lot, I have just been critiquing it,'" Tour recalled."I said, 'That is your problem, Nabeel. "I said, 'You have some repenting to do.' So we got down on our knees right there in the kitchen and he repented for not taking God's word as every word being true.

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