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Likewise, having grown up under the influence of a father and three older brothers who were well rooted in road racing (Can-Am, Trans-Am, and Formula 5000) and the Indianapolis 500, after exposure to midgets, sprints, and champ dirt cars in my impressionable teenage years my auto racing interests soon evolved as well.

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And as expected, Kokomo’s pit area collected a massive amount of machinery, 127 machines on Friday and more than double that figure for Saturday’s stock-car exclusive (264).

As for Friday, I focused on the 35 sprints and 23 midgets in attendance, loving the damp yet smooth surface that early on held a hue of dark chocolate.

Labor Day weekend’s journey to Du Quoin was followed by the Speedrome’s 3-Hour World Figure 8 and a trio September USAC weekends that of course included the Four Crown.

Since then I have counted down to this very conclusion, so here I am discussing these final flings.

Ted Hines made the most of his rare appearance with a ninth to third surprise in heat two, which had 2014 Klash conqueror C. Leary leading until his 1 Way Technologies power plant went up in smoke, ending his evening and necessitating a swap in time for a Tri-State tow.

David Hair’s horrendous fourth heat sprint car crash represented the first of two Friday red flags.

After that incomplete opening round, one by one these jam-packed weekends managed to vanish into thin air.

Early April conditions were surprisingly dry, not missing any of the extensive action until the final weekend of the month.

Attending only three contests between Midget Week and Sprint Week, (Paragon’s Amati, Brownstown, and Kokomo), unusually wet weather tried to put a damper on my favorite time of the year.

A post-Sprint Week sprinkling of special excursions to Liberty and Waynesfield added seasoning to a late July/early August itinerary and before I knew it, the four fabulous days of Kokomo’s Smackdown had arrived.

As I have matured, much like my move away from a Mc Donald’s menu I have found numerous ways to fill my free time with non-racing activities.


  1. If additional information is requested, you will receive a letter from our office indicating the item(s) needed to complete your file.

  2. Reflect on the time you spent with your now-ex, and find a way to get closure if you need it. For Christians who are newly single, now more than ever is the time to turn to your family and friends for support.

  3. I am the best at giving head and I love to show you my favorite close ups.

  4. Outfits more sophisticated than a simple collared shirt fare poorly: There are no clear myths associated with showing cleavage in your picture.

  5. Kim and Mike met in Taipei, Taiwan when both their fathers were serving in the USAF in the late 1960.

  6. Follow the rules carefully though, or he may just run off, scared of your overly serious intentions of being his girlfriend.

  7. ended three years ago, and while we're still holding out for a proper ending, we'll gladly accept any reunions in the meantime.

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