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All fraudulent activity shown in this post has been reported to the social networks for immediate removal.All information in this report is publicly available data collected using the social network APIs.

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No confidential information is contained in the post.

We have thousands of new members a day joining our site who are ONLY looking for casual sexual encounters.

As of 10 July, Zero FOX disclosed all of the Twitter profiles and posts to the Twitter security team, who subsequently removed them.

Twitter was prompt and efficient in their takedown, as the malicious botnet is in clear violation of their Terms of Service.

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, which are collections of accounts controlled by a central command.The poor English, Cyrillic text and sheer magnitude of the infrastructure is indicative that SIREN is a group or actor that is technically proficient and probably located in the Eastern Block of Europe.Actor groups from this area of Europe have been known to run spam infrastructures similar to this campaign.The accounts either engage directly with a target by quoting one of their tweets or attracting targets to the payload visible on their profile bio or pinned tweet.There were 26 options for the First Phrase but only 8 for the Second Phrase, and all phrases were identical down to the level of individual capital letters.Our motto is “There is a hot MILF out there for EVERYONE! Check out Milf Hookup for FREE, no hiding charges no annoying popups and no tons of unwanted mails.


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