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Physical and sexual violence are frequently accompanied by other forms of abuse designed to control, intimidate and belittle women and isolate them from sources of social support and economic independence.

This pattern is commonly referred to as 'coercive control'.

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Domestic violence is the leading cause of death and injury in women under 45, with more than one woman murdered by her current or former partner every week.

Get the low-down on what Australians think about the problem: Since the first survey in 1995, more and more people are recognising that violence against women includes a wide range of behaviours designed to intimidate and control women – not just physical assault.

Other key findings:• a decrease in those who recognise that women are more likely than men to suffer physical harm and fear as a result of this violence (down from 89 per cent to 86 per cent).

• fewer people agreed that violence against women was common.Compared with physical violence and forced sex, Australians are less inclined to see non-physical forms of control, intimidation and harassment as "serious"."However, there is growing evidence that non-physical forms of violence can cause equal if not greater harm," says Vic Health.This can include emotional, psychological, social and financial forms of abuse and control, as well as harassment over the phone or internet.Vic Health says it is important to recognise "coercive control" because evidence suggests non-physical forms of violence can cause equal if not greater harm than physical forms.When it comes to sexual violence, more Australians now agree that rape results from men not being able to control their need for sex.

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