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As well as out-of-control pupils, the beleaguered teacher of today also has to tackle mums and dads to whom discipline is often a dirty word.

Mobile phones sum up many of the things that are wrong in schools in modern Britain.

They have become, quite simply, the scourge of the classroom.

That is why many teachers, like myself, will applaud yesterday’s announcement by Sir Michael Wilshaw, the Chief Inspector of Schools, that pupils face a ban on mobile phones in school as part of a new Ofsted crackdown on discipline.

Or I can decide not to waste any more lesson time and focus on the majority of the class who really want to learn and accept that, once again, a rude, disruptive child has scored a victory.

Very few teachers, especially female teachers, want to physically grapple a phone from a teenager’s hand.

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‘Give me the phone,’ I say in as calm a voice as I can muster. I can raise my voice and insist; she’ll swear at me.


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