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“If the ‘real world’ of public school exposes them to oral sex, pregnant 14-year-old friends, homosexuality, rape, fornication, etc., the answer isn’t to ‘talk about it’ in some hip teen book,” she said.

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“We want to point them to God-centered solutions and responses to the things they’re seeing on TV and the things they’re hearing from their friends,” he said.

Conant said the “True Images” website receives “tons of e-mails” from children who read the Bible “and are benefiting from it.” Said one e-mail Conant supplied to WND: “I really like this Bible.

“Having seven daughters myself, I am deeply grieved that parents would encourage their young daughters to read such graphic narratives.

I would not give this ‘Bible’ to my 20-year-old virgin daughter to read – much less a 13-year-old.

It made me realize that God does understand what a girl has to go through with everybody – parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances, boyfriends and temptations.” Another teen girl stated: “I truly believe that God has blessed me with this Bible to get a better understanding about dating and flirting and about me and my body, and I thank you for making the Bible that way, in that kind of style.” Assaulting purity Mc Donald said she doesn’t believe Zondervan’s contention that “virtually every” teen girls is aware of and concerned about the matters discussed in the “True Images” Bible.

“If they do know [about these issues],” she said, “it’s the parents’ responsibility to share these things with their children in a protected way.

Ron Strom is commentary editor of WND, a post he took in 2006 after serving as a news editor since 2000.

Prior to coming on board with WND, Strom worked in politics in California.

“In putting ‘True Images’ together, our guiding principle was to be as edgy as the Bible is and no more,” Cameron Conant, Zondervan’s public relations manager for Bibles, told World Net Daily.

“We’ve forgotten that the Bible is filled with sex and violence, and God’s redemptive role in the lives of sinful people.

The “True Images” Bible, published by Zondervan, promises on its dustcover to “strengthen your relationship with God, family, friends and guys.” While the book includes the entire text of the New International Version of the Bible, it’s the “over 1,000 relevant and compelling notes and articles” that have critics upset.


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