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Please stay strong inside and remain the beautiful being that you already are......never forget who you are ! It was a pleasure watching that show with a production and a cast that took us back to the 1980's...almost didn't want to come back to 2016!!! I first fall in love with him when i watched A Hard Day, such a short appearance but i already love him. that you good with you'r brother that seo in guk bye nailed Serial Killer Min so good in HELLO MONSTER that I dont wanna see him playing good roles, be bad!! (fun fact BO GUM IS HELLA CHRISTIAN) he sure acted like a girl obsessed over (Seo)'s character, without making it look gay hahaha! BEST BROMANCE in kdrama ever, He was the sweetest when saying his Hyung was his everything!!!!!!!!! about the personality and background that he has had so far. I've really fallen in love with Bo Gum oppa since seen his face. One person who has made me really dream to set foot and meet like in my imagination and my dreams. he gonna act in reply 1988 after i remember you end which reply series are known as producing rising stars(eunji,seo in gook,go ara, others). He was peeeerfect as Seo's bro, enjoyed his versatile acting (specially when he was like a girl in love all obsessed over little moments with his man crush (Seo) haha! I will look out for his dramas, great great Min I really wish all these less known but better actors/actresses like him got those major k-dramas roles that are often given to awkward and boring trendy models/idols these days: watching k-dramas has already become really painful, they could at least give us actors who aren't painful too.

These kind of dreams have the power to change the world and make it a better place. he's an actor of my favorite, because he wasn't from an idol group (or was he? Naturally gifted but also good at conveying emotions with eyes, mouth, body language..subtle and on point. absolutely can't forget his amazing voice He look like Lee Hyunwoo a little and sometime a bit like Lee Jongsuk. Hope we can see you as long as timely in any madia In Japan, too. oppa come to vist us for sri lanka bad . He nailed Serial Killer Min so good in HELLO MONSTER that I dont wanna see him playing good roles, be bad!! (fun fact BO GUM IS HELLA CHRISTIAN) he sure acted like a girl obsessed over (Seo)'s character, without making it look gay hahaha! BEST BROMANCE in kdrama ever, He was the sweetest when saying his Hyung was his everything!!!!!!!!! If you haven't watched this drama, go do so now.'' He's always making me suprised with his action. It's not just because he played to be an actor in I remember you, I think and I say, I like him very much wherever he's act :") I'm proud of with his skill :) But long by long I always try for know .. You're the most, amaze, awesome actors of my world. Hopefully reply 1988 will be good dont worry guys... MY SHIP in hello monster/I remember you with Seo in guk, Psycho brother M I N all the way!!

It will be great if you acting in biggest mega drama such as Doctor Stranger, Doctor Crush or Hospital Ship. I also imagine ..if you acting in 'Live Up To Your Name'? I recommend you to potraying King Jeongjo who mourning on his father death anda want to clean up his father's name. And i recommend you to pair with Lee Sung Kyung because both of you is awesome. I wish i can see you in person and taking a picture with you. I am a man, but still I appreciated ur acting style it us versatile. Have a good health I'll be there always following u. The kind which makes you wanna see more of him, I pray that he gets more projects in the future.

I am an avid fan of Korean historical dramas since I'd like to know more about Korea and its people. I commend you for your great performance in Love in the Moonlight. I was never a fan of korean actors, until i saw you in the koreanovela LITM..

However, of all the series I've already watched, Love in the Moonlight captured my heart. I never thought I would end up liking you after watching the episodes.?

I am one of your fans here in the Philippines, thanks to your project drama series Love in the Moonlight/ Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, because of that drama I definitely addicted to you.. Always take care and have many projects and awards to come! All my life I thought no one would melt a heart like mine. it's good enough if you can show up in many variety so i can see you more often♡ Hi. I hope you would get another chance to be partnered with Kim Yoo Jung. And I admire your honest and joyful appearance in every show you are invited with. Ask guidance from HIM whenever you are down and always thank him for every little things you have now. -All love and support from PHILIPPINES❤ Frm your fan -Monica? I really want to see you in person but I think it won't happen anymore?? It would really be nice if i could meet you in person. And you make us laugh and feeling crazy always when you fast eating, enjoying your lifestyle and habbit... ☺ Don't afraid to face your struggles in your life or even in your career. Althought im a kpop and kdrama lovers its totally different because you truly made an impact in my heart,you inspire me. i was so nervous at near end i thought you will die in the movie... Joowon is a great actor but IMHO he was miscasted in the drama.

Wrong was,thing king I'm in control believing I'd never obsess on you.. you don't even know , that I do exist,well accept our undying support, love and care with you.. i won't expect you to role a drama or movie with the actress that i like. I hope there will be LITM 2 given its very high ratings. You also believe me in your talents like playing piano, being a good dancer, best actor & etc. You're so down to earth and such a beautiful kind-hearted loving man... i just finished watching your movie Love in the moonlight... I was curious about him and googled in up and see what here, he is an actor. He is so good looking and a MEGA method actor in the making. His age and tempo suited the main heroine better than Joo Won, who looked toooo old for the heroine.

I love your movie love in the moonlight.i speak more movies to come from you..congratulations for your successful movie drama..hoping for a new movie.The reasons why i love Park Bo Gum: 1. That's why i'm looking forward to see him more in any kdramas and i'm not worrying about his acting because i know his acting are superb!!! I am totally inlove with the glint of your eyes and when you cry, it's just like that there is an orbs, and staying your feet on the ground was your best dress. 'm still waiting for new upcoming dram series and movies. Park Bo Gum smile gives brighter in our heart and totally a genuine person off-cam or in cam. Cuz I Seriously get addicted with his kdrama series Love in the moonlight with Kim Yoo Jung ? I am hoping to watch more of his work soon and I wish nothing but success and blessings for Park Bo Gum. Your eyes can convey the complex emotions required by the character. God bless you Park Bo-Gum more opportunities to take. By the way i'd saw your videos on youtube called "boombastic" and it makes me laugh too much hahaha that's all byeeee take care always!!! He's not just a pretty face, he's very talented too. I've seen most of his works and all the character he plays are different from each other and he plays them effortlessly! When I saw him in the drama Naeil's Cantabile , I thought he is a real musician roped in to play a role. Not at all androgyn like most korean actor (not my cup of tea), and that's also what makes him wow.

no wonder why there are not so many bad comments about him, besides his good personalities, his acting in dramas/movie is amazing whenever you watch kdramas of PBG, look into his eyes. He can play any role in kdramas, such as psychopath, introvert but Jenius Go Player, conductor, police, handsome crown prince, etc. I would just like you to know that I never regret and I'll never regret for admiring you. Actually you're the reason on why I was embracing the korean dramas. Park Bo Gum is so captivating, an amazing actor showing different emotions that could moves people's heart. Dear Bogum I have been your long time fan from the US. No matter what you choose to work next, I believe it will be another success I have watched all your works and have witnessed your incredible progressing acting skill... Your forever fan ❤️ Ai Park Bo Gum Is my first Love In Kdrama.. I've watched your interviews and all, you are so consistent and kind. Having had theatrical experience, I've seldom seen young actors display such depth and versatility due to inexperience. Your portrayal of a haughty and arrogant crown prince, who later transformed into a caring, intelligent and responsible ruler, is excellent in emotional acting. I really really admire you so much....if I watched love in the moonlight so many times (no less than 10 times) I keep on watchig it again and again and again! When I'd heard about that news i was so excite but actually i can't came on that day because it's far away from our city and it makes me sad :( But hoping next time i can take a picture with you cause i can't help on stalking you on twitter. I'm your biggest fan from the philippines an i'm so proud of you especially to your new k drama LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT, love in the moonlight is my fave kdrama because of you and kim yoo kung. I have a thing for actors who play in these kind of dramas but Park Bogum is the real deal tbh. Hoping to see you more of you in the future, Park Bogum! He's way more than just a pretty face, his facial expressions portray his emotions really well and he's not just good at playing a certain character!

Actually, Im an avid reader of World History, even the history of my own native land. Park Bo-gum is a Super cute korean actor and has a cute smile that i can't help myself to be melted everytime i saw him smiling in front of the camera while im watching ur love in the moonlight tv series...???

You indeed dipected the true essence of being a "good leader" that really moved me while watching your series. i love u park bo-gum Watching Love In The Moonlight was awesome .

May you continue to be a good inspiration to the young people of today and even to us, teachers, so that we too, may continue to educate our kids justly and according to the social standards and truth. Please stay humble and continue smiling because it makes you cute. Saranghae Hi park bo gum I appreciate you as a genuine person. Hoping you visit philippines and specifically Samar. I cant wait for your another movie or kdrama series.. But most of all, he's a great example to everybody and to the youth. Now I'm grieving, how on earth did I missed you out? I never liked someone from korean actor but when I saw you you captured my heart heavily.


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