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But, in a dating situation, what would be some suggested games? If you are someone who plays games once a month or so with friends this is most likely good advise.

Tales of the Arabian Nights and Mediterranean food.

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Out of curiosity, are there any all lady game groups out there? You may want to research Ca$h 'n Gun$ before attempting a one-on-one game.

Actually, Tales of the Arabian Nights would be a fun/light two player game for some one who may not be into gaming.

There may be non-gamers involved, so deeper games or ones that need a lot of explanation may not quite work out. My wife likes Lost Cities and Dominion but she had a background in playing card games (Hearts and Trumps) that make these games easy to teach.

Jenga or some of the more fancy dexterity games play well with two people and are often fun for non-gamers as they don't favor experience to much.

The Game tells urban magazine Complex, "That s**t (dating a celebrity) has got its ups and downs.

The up is you kinda feel hot, the JAY-Z and Beyonce thing. We're good friends." Since splitting from Mya, The Game - real name JAYCEON TAYLOR - proposed to VALEISHA BUTTERFIELD earlier this year (06).

If you don't think she will like playing games, look for a new girlfriend.

In all honesty, if she does not like playing games, this may be your chance to get away and play with just the guys. I play with co-ed game groups in addition to all dude (though not really by design) game groups.

“When I’m in the studio for 72 hours, in my pajamas, and I haven’t taken a shower and I’m engineering and nobody’s there, you shouldn’t be accusing me of things that are not happening,” she admits. She’s currently working on three projects in the studio including her next full length album.

Additionally, she’s slated to join the cast of an upcoming action movie.

“If you found any of that in my phone, because you voiced that you don’t want to find even a guy’s name that you might know in my phone, then what you’re doing is cheating times 10.” But don’t get the “It’s All About Me” singer wrong, she thinks it’s just fine to look at and admire a female as she finds them beautiful beings.


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