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Unfortunately, as this past weekend has shown, those bitter losers can become powerful, especially if they're organized and well-armed, and have managed to talk each other into acts of violence. Patent and Trademark Office as a trademark of Salon Media Group Inc.

The video went viral, mostly because people want to see Nazis cry, and Cantwell scored even more attention for himself.

It also didn't take long for internet sleuths to figure out that the 36-year-old, who now hosts a white supremacist talk show, has quite a history of making a spectacle of himself and has rebranded as different flavors of jackass several times over the course of his illustrious career.

Mysteries, suspense novels, thrillers, and crime novels and stories about the misappropriating, looting, plundering, hiding, selling, and taking of art and antiquities by Nazi party members and by others during World War II, as well as novels and stories about the hiding and preserving of art by various individuals and groups during the war.

This list was compiled originally by a former librarian living in Pennsylvania, with additions by others, including members of Fiction-L and Dorothy L during Dec. Find these titles at your local library or through ABEbooks, Add ALL, and other used and out-of-print book dealers.

(1954): Archaelogist Keith Elgin of the Art Reparations Commission in Germany is sent to the ancient castle of Drachensgrab (Dragon's Grave) in a final attempt to recover the paintings and other loot that the Nazis had hidden there.

(2004): When Judge Rachel Cutler's father dies under suspicious circumstances, his daughter begins investigating a decades-old secret: the Amber Room, an exquisite treasure that was appropriated by the Nazis when they invaded the Soviet Union.

That attention-seeking, misogynistic impulse is evident in the "Colbert Report" video as well.

It's quite clear that the elaborate political arguments against parking meters are just a fig leaf for the real goal of the Free Keane Squad, which lies in the thrill of videotaping themselves harassing people, especially women.

(1987): When Adam Scott opens the yellowed envelope bequeathed to him in his father's will, he learns of the secret that shadowed his father's military career, reaching back to the Nazi plunder of Europe.

In the deepest vault of a Swiss bank, Scott discovers a priceless icon, the key to a shocking document that could forever change the balance of power between America and the Soviet Union.

What struck me most, watching the interview, is how delighted Cantwell is with himself.

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