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I took her backstage at one of my concerts and gave her a vocal lesson.The first day, she was a little nervous, but as time went on, she became a lot more comfortable. (Click here to watch a video of Demi and her mentee!

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care backdating - Niall and demi dating tumblr

I want to introduce all the One Direction guys to the United States, but especially Niall because he hasn't been here that much.

I want to make sure he — or any of them really, I just don't know the other guys as well — has someone to hang out with in the States.

But you were smart enough not believe them and trust harry.

A week after harry left for the tour and the first rumour of him cheating on you came out.

Dating Demi Lovato would get both him and her plenty of publicity.[x] [x]oh but waitisn’t :) that :) funny :)okay, so basically - prepare yourselves because this is escalating very quickly.

according to the blindgossip article, the contract should end in december unless it’s you’re not interested in larry, ignore this, but this is a theory we have: [x]UPDATE: 9/8/12o h [x]if you have any questions or corrections, feel free to message us! Last week, after struggling through “Eye of the Tiger,” Ce Ce’s mentor Demi Lovato said, “I don’t know if Ce Ce knows who she is.” This week, at the November 12, 2012 finalist... • Contiene: 115 manips de Demi con varias personas. X Factor finalist Ce Ce Frey might have the strongest personality, but judges are still unsure about Ce Ce’s look and sound. Then they’re on a beach, which could be referring to the WMYB music video.Demi was in rehab for an eating disorder and self harm issues.Ryan Seacrest (I believe) then confirmed the rumors on his radio show where Demi was being interviewed.[x]Now, this wouldn’t have been such a huge deal, except that this article was published on July 9th: [x]First, the picture: Blind Gossip picks the pictures for their articles very carefully.


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