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She said we can use it to get some more brews for the party tonight. It was Saras friends Dave and Ronnie, two drunken college football players coming down the hall. Dave stood in front of me for a second then picked up the scissors and cut the duct tape from my mouth and pulled it from around my head. Dave quickly interjected, Sara told me hes a little freak, he probably did this himself. Would you like to try and convince us not to take pictures?

Dave proudly announced, Alright little girl here comes big daddy. I felt pressure at my hole, then pain as my hole stretched to accommodate the intruder, then suddenly it slid in.

I could feel his skin slap against my bottom as he thrust himself in and out. Tear stained face, white peter pan blouse, plaid cross tie, skirted flipped-up, tights and panties pulled down all signs of a true schoolgirl in distress, sad, but true.

Then he strapped my bound wrists down with a rope around tied tightly around my waist and secured my waist to the back of the chair. I gotta get me some of that pretty little schoolgirl ass!

I tried to plead and beg for another option, but the gag silenced any protest. I turned my head to see Dave grab a bottle of hand lotion off Saras dresser.

Bound and kneeling with my forehead pressed against his belly I was powerless as his warm salty semen hit the back of my throat.

With my mouth full of Ronnie's sperm he relaxed his grip a little and shouted, Swallow it you fuckin bitch as he slowly pulled it out. Ronnie stepped away as I knelt bound and humiliated on the floor.

Moving my hips forward inch by inch in the strict hogtie with a mouth-filling gag caused me to explode into the pink flowered panties. To my horror I heard the key turn in the front door. I could hear voices as sat up on the bed and fumbled around for the scissors.

Her rooms down the hall, I need to find her credit card. As they came into the room, Ronnie said loudly, What the fuck?!? Ronnie grabbed Saras digital camera off her dresser and told Dave they could take a few pictures for everyone at school to see. He winked at his drunken buddy Ronnie and then said, Maybe Sean can convince us not to take pictures.

My body tried to jump with pain, but the bondage held me securely. The ropes held me secure preventing any escape and the panty gag stifled any protest.

About 10 more times my bottom was struck, each time followed by searing pain and laughter. I fully understood how I would have to convince Dave.

As the nylon slip rubbed against the tights my excitement grew.

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