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Mention that your husband (or father, brother, etc.) is fixing the bathroom faucet and cannot be bothered right now (or something similarly indicating that a man is at home). An intercom mounted at the outside of the front door for 2-way communication is an inexpensive and effective way to talk with the stranger at the door without actually opening the door.

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By the way, here are 21 things that your burglar won’t tell you…

Ask who they are and what they want…and ‘interview’ the stranger through the door while you keep it closed.

That story cited a new study in which some Chicago commuters were told to strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to them on the train; they later reported enjoying their commute more than the people who’d been told to sit in silence for the But I was curious. Later that night, I stop at the Duane Reade near my apartment. I know from experience now that idle chit-chat really is good for you, but, I don’t know.

Psychology research shows that we are not great at predicting what will ultimately make us happy, and that even though we avoid the things that are good for us — exercising, eating healthfully, flossing — we’re usually glad we did them. I know she hears me — she looks me right in the eye when I say it! There is a giant display of cappuccino-flavored Lays next to the cash register, and, to make up for skipping the subway this evening, I decide to try use it to strike up a conversation with the cashier. ” She lights up, and so do I; finally, somebody wants to talk to me! The song ends soon afterwards and he doesn’t playanother.

People may be wearing official looking uniforms while actually ‘casing the place’.

You are NOT obligated to let anyone into your home (except for police with a search warrant).

A Fake security camera is also an effective deterrent, and an inexpensive solution.

Having a sign indicating video surveillance, is also a good deterrent. this very real looking “fake” security camera WILL be a burglar deterrent.

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