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The editors at Wallet Hub have analyzed a vast array of credit card options and whittled them down to a list of the crème de la plastic.

While setting up a personal savings plan (you know, figuring out how to stop wasting money and start pocketing more cash), optimizing your credit card usage should be a major part of the strategy.

Whatever your lifestyle, credit history, or spending habits, there's a card out there that will benefit you the most.

As a result of that and other factors mentioned below, the fees, interest charges and markups that plague credit card customers on both sides of the customer/merchant equation will undoubtedly persist on smartphones.

Credit card companies typically charge merchants around three percent of the purchase price when a customer pays by card.

After all, how can delivering a bunch of ones and zeros – something that's essentially free in most other cases – end up costing three percent of the price of something tangible like groceries or a shirt?

In these dis-intermediated times, it seems laughable that moving a small amount of data around would be worth so much.

He is pictured here with Go Pro cameras he already owns'American Express have said to me that unless the money is released from Argos, they will take 10 working days to be able to unlock the funds for me to use again, but until that happens I can't use the funds.

Credit card debt has risen to record levels, in spite of income remaining static.

Those unpaid bills are one of the big reasons issuers say they need to keep the interest on unpaid balances as high as it is.

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