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However, the Quranic verse, stating the permissibility for a man to marry a Jewish or Christian woman, did not mention a rationalization.

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If we entertain the second option, allowing some marriages and disallowing some, we will have to answer the obvious question, who will categorize for the lovebirds which marriages are allowed and disallowed? Societies live by standards of behavior called social norms and mores.

Marriage and Religion The Old Testament prohibits marrying people of other faiths, so they will not be turned away from God nor receive His punishment:“Do not intermarry with them.

Every girl looks forward to her wedding day, to her dress, to new beginnings; actually, not all girls.

A Muslim girl staring at her wedding dress, just learning that her wedding to a non-Muslim is not allowed in Islam, is torn between her religion and love. Love at first sight, this sudden and involuntary magnetic attraction, jolts those touched by it.

Why should two people in love not be able to spend the rest of their lives together? Logically, we can (1) allow all marriages to occur or (2) we can allow some to occur and disallow some or (3) we can disallow marriages altogether.

If we take the first option, allowing all marriages to occur without any restrictions, it would include scenarios like a person marrying their cousin or niece.Jews and Christians are seen to have compromised tenets of monotheism and are included in the marriage prohibition mentioned in the previous verse.The Quran describes their compromise to monotheism: Some efforts to rationalize this unilateral permissibility of marriage seem to lack strength.If the fear that a Muslim woman marrying a non-Muslim man can be turned away from God serves as the rationalization, then the same can be said about the Muslim male married to a Jew or Christian.Both Quranic and Old Testament verses that prohibited marriage to other faiths stated a rationalization- to not be turned away from God.The presence of difficulty is a wisdom for shortening the prayer, not the reason. Likewise, the protection of the Muslim female’s rights in marriage is a wisdom, not the reason for the unilateral permissibility.


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