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According to one anonymous Gore staffer cited by People, her title was Scheduling Correspondent.

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They just kind of throw you in the fire."Initially, Manigault supported Hillary Clinton.

In 2014, she tweeted that she was "ready for Hillary." Despite her early support for Hillary Clinton and past support of Democrats, Manigault did come around to Trump's camp.

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, Manigault received a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from Central State University.

Manigault was a contestant on the first season of Donald Trump's original American version of The Apprentice.

“In my experiences with him, he has only been professional. But he is open-minded: He does not judge people on their gender or race.

He judges them on their ability to do the job.”Reporter April Ryan has said that Manigault "physically intimidated" her outside White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s West Wing office, according to the Ryan also said that Manigault, her former friend, threatened her and suggested that Trump officials had a "dossier" on her, as well as other African American journalists.

“I believe the first reason that Donald Trump is running for president is because he truly believes that he can help turn the nation around,” Manigault told Frontline.

“The second reason I believe is that this is the greatest position in the world, to be at the center of political power, of the universe.

Although she's best known for her reality TV appearances (on , a dating show created by Donald Trump), Manigault brings a unique background to her community outreach appointment. in communications from Howard University and a preacher's license.


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