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Category: Other Authors | Posted By: Chris Biro | 18 Comments » So you’ve decided to train a bird for freeflight and now you need to select a suitable bird for hand-rearing.

The last thing you want to concern yourself with at this point is price, yes, cost is important but there are several things to consider.

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So now you have a breeder picked out and you are comfortable that you will be getting a healthy chick. Once you bring a new bird home keep it quarantined from any other birds you have. When everything goes smoothly, handfeeding can seem very simple but there are things that can go wrong and to avoid a catastrophic situation you should understand some of the potential problems and how to avoid them.

The supplies you need should all be on hand before you ever consider bringing the chick home.

It also enables you to buy the largest wattage bulb and run it lower but still have more power (heat) in reserve if you need it.

Be sure that this is out of reach of the chick; you don’t want it chewing the cord or getting burned from being able to touch the bulb. It is best to continue using what the bird is used to; if the chick meets the criteria of a healthy chick then the breeder is doing a great job, it makes sense to get hands on instruction about mixing and feeding the food and following what they have done.

Make sure you have done your homework and can give a brief overview on how you will be training your bird and where your reference material is coming from.

Be prepared to offer a referral on where your support for the training is coming from.You need something to keep the chick housed in and the options range from a cardboard box with shavings and newspaper up to thermostatically controlled environments.A chick that is 6-8 weeks old will have a fair amount of feathering and be large enough to keep itself warm provided that the ambient temperature is not too low; 70-75 degrees F should be fine in most cases.A healthy bird, regardless of species will have similar traits, it will be fat and have plump, pink, pliant skin. They have plenty of calories in reserve and will sort of loll from side to side.The overall picture is one of comfort and well being, the eyes will be clear and bright, their breathing will be steady and clear, their skin will be pink and pliant, they will have a healthy feeding response but will not cry or beg incessantly. It should not appear excessively hungry; birds that climb over each other and beg incessantly could either be too hungry or have a bacterial infection that is causing them to not absorb all the nutrients they need from their food.You really need some hands-on instruction if you have no experience.

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