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I am a beauty and figure conscious girl..i received “miss best walk” award recently,,,i do regular aerobics/yoga to keep myself flexible and in sexy shape..oh yeah, i just love a phone sex chat where we can share our desires and become friends.

If u wanna spend time with me,we will enjoy candlelight dinner,with champagne,with some romantic music watching the lovely moon,,holding each others arms...tightly and firmly...sure you will get intoxicated with the warmth of my pure feminine energy....

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Vasudha: Oh yeah colorderainbow:aaaahhhhhh its great Vasudha: Ummmmmm Vasudha: Oh lovely Vasudha: Yeah darling fuck me colorderainbow:ur wet pussy is making sound Vasudha: Oh yeah fuck me hard colorderainbow:futch fucth Vasudha: Oh ur dick is so hard Vasudha:yeah I can feel it inside me darling Vasudha: Oh yeah colorderainbow:bring u the edge n rams u deeper colorderainbow:in out Vasudha: Fuck me.

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Who cares about the destination..journey is beautiful!!!!

colorderainbow:n place my dick there colorderainbow:n slowly i go in Vasudha: I put my legs around ur waist now trying to grip your body colorderainbow:with my hips weight colorderainbow:i lean over u Vasudha: You are now completely inside my pussy Vasudha:or ur dick is colorderainbow:n love slowly slowly making the way to ur womb Vasudha: My breasts darling Vasudha:oph fondle them please colorderainbow:yeahh colorderainbow:i hold them n Vasudha: Oh yeah Vasudha:it is so nice colorderainbow:start pumping with slow n long thrusts Vasudha:yeah fuck me darling colorderainbow:aaj to madam ko chodunga jam ke colorderainbow:le mera lund le slut Vasudha: Yeah yeah Vasudha: Oh lovely Vasudha:yeah fuck me Vasudha:harder Vasudha:yeah' Vasudha: Harder Vasudha:faster Vasudha: Oh it is so nice colorderainbow:i move it faster n faster colorderainbow:with short n fast strokes Vasudha: Yeah ! Oh fuck me please colorderainbow:futch futch Vasudha: Yeah thats the way Vasudha:yeah colorderainbow:taking ur legs close to ur boobies colorderainbow:n fucking ur pussy in air colorderainbow:aaahhhhhhhh Vasudha: Oh yeah Vasudha: Oh yeah Vasudha:u fuck so well Vasudha:y didn't u fuck me bfore colorderainbow:n biting ur boobies leaning over to u Vasudha:yeah thats the place Vasudha:fuck me hard dear colorderainbow:fucking u rand colorderainbow:hard Vasudha: Oh my god colorderainbow:fucking u hard Vasudha: I am cumming Vasudha: Oh faster colorderainbow:i m sweating in this ac Vasudha:yeah Vasudha: I am cumming Vasudha:yeah colorderainbow:ohhhh Vasudha: Fuck me.

At the hotel vasudha: Client was the last vasudha: Then my hubby on Dec 31st.

vasudha: Since then I have gone dry colorderainbow:hahhahaha vasudha::d colorderainbow:not 100% dry vasudha: Yep vasudha:today is dry though colorderainbow:maverick n me have made u wet at times vasudha: I feel like having sex a few times before I travel vasudha: Just need to find the guy vasudha: He made me have my orgasm vasudha:u will too soon colorderainbow:hmmm colorderainbow:hey where do u catch flight to go out vasudha: I aon;t talking anything on that front colorderainbow:if u use delhi airport for international flight then its possible vasudha:and don;t get wrong ideas vasudha:) colorderainbow:okay its ur wish colorderainbow:not a compulsion vasudha: I am not that despo u see vasudha:) vasudha: Maybe in 5 years I will be colorderainbow:hahhahahhaha vasudha: After all wrong side of 40 can be wretched!

I love rain,flowers,seashore...infact walking on seashore just in a bikni...i simply luv that....

i like making new friends,, i like men..real man a lot..

Anyway the result of our friendship was that after some months of discussion we decided on completion of our degrees we would travel to Africa and make some films we were that naive!

Hii dear friends,iam ankita from bhopal,now in delhi..

Bus tumne galat jagah gussa di vasudha:ha ha ha ha ha colorderainbow:gusaya to sahi jagah hin tha colorderainbow:but u realized it at wrong place colorderainbow:hahahhaha colorderainbow:n another thing i dont talk as dirty as maverick vasudha: But today first clean day.

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