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A quiet, but nevertheless complex and beautiful scent where the lemon and sweet pea, familiar Jean-Claude Ellena's favourites, play along with the gardenia, making it peppery and almost rocket salad-like.

A perfume which needs to be reapplied and re-experienced several times a day, to be heard and in fact listened to.

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Ellena is a one-of-a-kind perfumer who believes the idea of scent needs to evolve with the times, but never in the direction of vulgarity, always in the direction of simple, understanted elegance.

I have just started to like Hermes perfumes few months ago, when I bought Le jardin du Monsieur Li.

I’m even tempted to go so far as to call it a subtle modern masterpiece.

This is such a beautiful perfume, however the longevity in projection is not there!

I was taken by how amazing all the hermes prefumes are, they are beautiful.

But definitely not with the projection and I love a strong perfume! I have a 100 mils of this that I have to use but I end up spraying so much A expensive purchase!

After that, I started to like more and more from this brand, because they are mostly fresh, citrusy and a little crisp, without being suffocating or boring. However, they all seems to have some distinctive note, so I guess you don't need them all - so far I've tried Jour, Kelly Caleche, Voyage and all the Jardins, and it seems they have something citrusy that is very similar.

I like them all, but I find I do not need them all, they are not different enough I’m writing a new review for this fragrance as it has become my all time favorite.

In case you like this scent but is seems too expensive, there is a perfume from the Italian house L'Erboalario called Osmanthus that is 90% identical and extremely affordable.

The shower gel and body lotions are SLS free and also divine.

Reading "Diary of a Nose" by Ellena, you can understand his character more, and guess that he is a sensitive soul, a man who doesn't need to shout, just like his perfumes.


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