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"I also felt it was one of those things like, 'Why would we go back to this possibility?

' I felt we had all come through a pretty big ruckus and that door had been closed, dead-bolted, chained up.

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I had a whole bunch of opportunities to add things.

I felt I had I had more opportunities with Pete than I had with Richie [Zyontz] but I don’t want this to sound like I am criticizing Richie.

"The decision [last year] was made and I had to accept it and it took me a little bit.

There was never any animosity or hard feelings; I was just heartbroken. "But once the dust settled, I have always enjoyed those two [Shanks and Entz].

Oliver spent last year on a farewell tour of sorts, working with a new broadcast team (announcers Kevin Burkhardt and John Lynch) and production crew (led by producer Pete Macheska and director Artie Kempner).

It took her a long time to mentally accept that this was her final NFL go-around, but she entered last season in a healthy place and had a strong year. Shanks and Entz told her they really liked the chemistry of the No.

The group had dinner together often, and Oliver said she felt a renewed energy.

She said she felt "freer" this season than she had in a long time.

In April 2014 executives traveled to Atlanta, where Oliver is based, to tell her in person that she would no longer hold the job that has been her professional life for two decades.


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