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If the player cannot complete the tryout process or chooses not to participate they will be placed on an in-house team that plays in the North Star League.

One of the earliest images of baseball is this hand colored lithograph of Union prisoners at Salisbury Confederate Prison. Peters “America on Stone” Lithography Collection at the National Museum of American History.

The team formation process will not consider requests for a specified coach or placement on a particular team. The friends MUST request each other or the request will not be honored.

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Soldiers’ diaries document the detainees’ daily routines and pastimes.

Prisoners from the first half of 1862 noted that baseball games were played nearly every day, weather permitting.

Union soldiers, more familiar with the game, introduced others, including Southerners and Westerners to baseball throughout the Civil War, resulting in thousands of soldiers learning the game.

Upon returning home, the game spread to friends and neighbors and soon the sport was played in every region of the country, solidifying its title as “The National Pastime."The baseball game pictured in this print was played at Salisbury Confederate Prison in North Carolina.

Please note: An electronic copy of a birth certificate will be required to register in Instructional League.

Either scan or take a digital picture of the birth certificate and submit the image in the appropriate field on the Electronic Signatures page.

If the player cannot complete the tryout process or chooses not to participate they will be placed on an American League team.

Player's birth date must be between May 1, 2001 and April 30, 2005 and meet residency requirements for eligibility. To be eligible for a Traveling Team, the player must participate in the tryout process.

Between December 9, 1861 and February 17, 1865, the prison housed 10,000-15,000 Union prisoners of war and other assorted detainees.

The compound was designed to temporarily hold Union officers until they could be exchanged for Confederate troops.

See the Residency Requirements page for additional information.

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