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So it’s kind of like directing with training wheels for an actor on their own show. PJA: I got my cut and I’ve seen that, and then I handed it over to Aaron Korsch, and he does his cut of the episode, which I have not yet seen. She came to set ready to work and kept things moving. JJ: So there’s potential we may see her pop up again? It was so simple, but that’s because I know the show.

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We don't talk about it a lot, obviously there is so much secrecy involved in something like that.

So, I just sort of stay out of it, and I feel like a big brother."Despite doing his best to keep out of Meghan's personal life, Patrick admitted he would welcome a meeting with the royal."I would love to do that thing where a big brother gets to meet the guy, vet him a little bit," he said, before suggesting a visit to a pub might be a good idea."Have a couple drinks...

So I just sort of stay out of it, and I feel like a big brother." Adams hasn't been introduced to Prince Harry just yet, but he's hoping that happens soon.

"I would love to do that thing that a big brother gets to do where you get to actually meet the guy, vet him a little bit.

A source told Us Weekly at the time that Markle was invited but decided to skip it in order to avoid stealing the spotlight, given that this was right around when news broke about her romance.

The Suits actor, 35, and the Pretty Little Liars star, 31, tied the knot in a romantic wedding ceremony in Southern California. (Bellisario also joined Adams for a song.) Adams also shared an Instagram photo of himself standing in front of an "Almost Married" bus with his bride-to-be on Friday, December 9. "I'm still loving all of it," Bellisario gushed to Us that June.

The “Suits” star, 34, also brought two friends along to the weekend-long festival, one of which is his wedding DJ. “If it happens within the year, it will be because this guy made it happen.” His pal added, “We’re actually going to make sure, without a doubt, that they have maybe the most epic wedding ever.” The couple met in 2009, but have been filming their shows in separate locations for years.

Bellisario, 30, films “Pretty Little Liars” in Los Angeles, while Adams films “Suits” for eight months out of the year in Toronto.

Adams and Bellisario kicked off the celebration by welcoming their guests outside the venue. Have the greatest weekend; that's all that we want for this wedding," the actor said into a microphone. "That's kind of our game plan," he said in August. Once it does [happen], we'll make sure that the world knows." The newlyweds encouraged their guests to donate to the David Suzuki Foundation and Sick Kids Hospital in lieu of gifts.

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