Pisces male leo female dating your dating coach

You might hear news about a job opportunity or sign a big client.

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On November 18, the Scorpio new moon spotlights this same domestic part of your chart, turning your attention to matters that are close to your heart.

Slow down and connect with loved ones instead of rushing around.

Show your vulnerable side and get back in touch with your true feelings.

The fourth house rules women, and at this new moon, a powerful and supportive female could open doors. During Scorpio season—and especially at the new moon—you could start a new chapter with your mom or another relative.

A venture you’ve been toiling away at could take flight unexpectedly.

If you’ve been racking your brain to solve a problem, you could have a lightbulb moment.

Surely you’ve got a stack of books to devour or a fully loaded Netflix queue to empty.

Fresh starts around your home and family could also arrive this month.

Can you fight for progress while still honoring tradition?

Near this date, you could find a way to miraculously blend the time-tested AND the trendy.

An assistant or (normally) helpful person could throw you unacceptable shade and need to be put in check. Luckily, you can start blowing off steam on November 21, when the Sun soars into Sagittarius and fires up your festive, flirtatious fifth house.

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