Polysexual dating

Feeling attraction to more than one gender does not make you greedy or selfish.

It is the same if a heterosexual man, for instance, is attracted to many women that pass by him.

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This evidence is not to say that gay men and lesbians experience less oppression or that they should stop complaining about their own oppression – “look at what’s happening to the polysexuals.” Gay men and lesbian face significant oppression of their own but we must acknowledge that polysexuals experience oppression too and that denying it is not helping those who are suffering from oppression from both the gay community and straight/heterosexual people.

The first is that this is usually applied to children (those under 18-21).

But pansexual is just one of many sexual and romantic identities that exist beyond more commonly known and discussed orientations like heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual.

In fact, some people may not even know that a person can be romantically, as well as sexually, oriented.

Of course there are heterosexuals, homosexuals and polysexuals that are interested in polyamorous relationships and/or adulterous.

However, a person’s mere sexual orientation does not predicate whether they are capable of a sustained and/or monogamous relationship.

Neither path makes a person’s identity null and void.

In addition, if you want to respect someone who has gotten up the sometimes enormous amount of courage to come out to you, don’t tell them that this is just a phase.

The following page has pansexual/bisexual stereotypes only because I could not find anything specifically addressing polysexual that was a stereotype, misconception, or myth that wasn’t tacked onto bisexuals and pansexuals too.


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