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To keep the odds in your favor, select a picture of you in an open, expansive posture.

First, there is good evidence that what we eat influences the smell of our armpits.

And to my surprise, I am now fairly confident that eating fruits and veggies does turn human skin yellowish.

Part of the trick is to generate enough interest—in the blink of an eye—to motivate a second look.

Research has highlighted the importance of facial expressions (a friendly, smiling photo can engender positive feelings), but attention has recently turned to other, less obvious, aspects of nonverbal communication.

A photo, a short description—there’s not much opportunity to create the perfect impression. First impressions can form so quickly that you benefit from paying attention to details.

Photos might unintentionally signal an unfavorable characteristic or an inaccurate trait, discouraging potential partners.

The researchers tested the idea in two different contexts: First, in a speed-dating study, people who assumed more open postures were perceived as more dominant, as well as warmer and as having more vitality (Vacharkulksemsu et al., 2016).

These people also received more “yes” responses from other speed-daters.

Just like secular Tinder or Ok Cupid, the Christian sites are guided by market-driven questions: What does he have to offer? We need policy action.] As marriage rates among Christians begin to decrease, additional change is afoot.


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  3. She would, again, lose, resulting in her abiding in Keitaro’s request to act more feminine.

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