Poop dating

Having said that, an increasing medical interest exists in "stool transplantation", where normal, "healthy" stool gets ingested by patients who suffer from certain forms of diarrheal disease caused by use of antibiotics.

Relationships should come with realistic expectations. If you tell your new boyfriend that you looooove hiking, and then reveal three months in that you actually hate hiking and only told him that to look cool, you are going to look like an asshole.

Instead of shaming people or making fun of our partners for taking a big, old, smelly poop, we should be CELEBRATING.

We should be so happy for our significant others for having healthy bodies that expel toxins on a daily basis.

It means the person we love feels healthy and cleansed. If you really care about someone and think they're your soulmate, you should be able to drop a number two and know the other person is going to be just fine with it.

Since it's already been fully processed by our own bodies, how could there be any dangers? A big difference between urine and poop is that urine is sterile while poop is, well, you know, smelly and full of bacteria.

That said, those are the same bacteria that live in your gut and play many healthy roles in your body, so coprophagy [] is not necessarily unhealthy unless the poop originates from an unhealthy individual.

You may tell yourself you can't poop in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend because you want to keep the romance alive.

But the truth is, it's because you don't feel totally comfortable with that person.

In fact, a recent article published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine showed that fecal transplants, where poop from one individual is infused into another individual's intestines, have performed better than regular antibiotics in treating certain bacterial infections that cause severe diarrhea. Drinking your own urine and eating your own poop is perfectly safe.


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