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Even Albert Einstein’s plea, relayed to the Museum by his secretary upon his death, to have my work of reconstruction of ancient history tested by radiocarbon, went unheeded. There has been so far as I am aware no radiocarbon dating of objects from the New Kingdom.

It was ash also in the sense that many efforts ended in nothing.

In the meantime, certain systematic disagreement in datings by the radio carbon method with the conventional historical time tables was observed all over the world.

William Hayes, the late Director of the Egyptological Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Let the test be made in order to disprove me.

My book Ages in Chaos was read by hundreds of thousands of readers and found many followers—why not show me wrong if this is so easy? During the ten years after the publication of Libby’s Radiocarbon Dating in 1952, which was also the year Ages in Chaos was published, the great period of history in accepted Egyptian chronology from -1580, the beginning of the New Kingdom (or rather from -1680, the fall of the Middle Kingdom) to the time of the Ptolemies, a period of ca.

I wished to have radiocarbon tests that would clarify the issue.

I did not need the test in order to strengthen my view on the age of the Eighteenth and the following dynasties, for I considered the evidence that I had presented in Ages in Chaos to be strong enough to carry the weight of the revised scheme.

But in view of the novelty of my contentions I realized that a confirmation from a physical method would be of great import for the acceptance of my work.

The efforts that I spent in order to achieve radiocarbon examination of any suitable object from the New Kingdom in Egypt were many and persistent.

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Libby, then of the University of Chicago, published his Radiocarbon Dating.

But above and beyond this generally observed phenomenon, the Egyptian datings stood unreconciled with the results of the carbon tests.

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