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It also seems to be really safe and the team does what it can to keep it that way! :) I get it’s for safety, but I’m not sure how this keeps me safe.

Team— do not let negative reviews/comments get to you!!! Especially if you know that what’s being said is false! :) Thanks for caring though & please don’t take this comment in the wrong way.

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For many wives in particular, continuing to find ways to connect lets us know the lovemaking was about more than the physical release of sex and climax — that it truly is about becoming one flesh.

Now, it’s your turn: What do you do “after the lovin'”?

Maybe you aren’t that hungry, but she could use a little help eating that double-decker brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Those moments right after sex can prolong the feelings of intimacy you experience in lovemaking.

Their bodies are exhausted and sated, and they feel so good and relaxed that it’s natural to slip into slumber.

And it’s not usually because they want to be done with their spouse.

They have chat rooms that are meant for adults and certain lifestyles.

I wish there was more control on the chats that you are first given cause I got a New York Chat room, yet I live in Florida so Im probably gonna leave that cause I wont understand most of the stuff people in there talk about.

So it’s no surprise that snuggling is an outgrowth of sex for many couples. This is often referred to as “pillow talk.” Your honey may drip words like honey — sweet nothings oozing from his mouth about how much he loves you, how beautiful you are, how awesome that felt, etc.

Or the conversation may run deeper, one or both spouses desiring to reveal more of themselves now that they feel connected, vulnerable, safe.

Overall, this app has alot of great potential, and I hope the developers reach out and read what we, the users, have to say about the app to improve it and make it better for the future community.


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  2. = What’s your sexual preference (top/bottom/vers/other) and what do you generally want from a hookup? [WEHOville does not endorse the dichotomy of “dirty/clean” to describe HIV status.

  3. Fed up with girl action and want to try something different?

  4. They believe that love isn’t flawless, rather it’s about how well you embrace the not-so-great moments and still continue your life loving the other.

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