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The remaining egg--the first egg laid in the nest is most likely infertile and not going to hatch.

The male and female osprey may eventually bury it in new nest material, or they may just leave it.

This strage, caled fledging, is right on schedule-- at about 7.5 weeks of age.

Note: the rains have cleared some of the murkiness from the osprey cam!

This morning brings news of a brand new osprey chick in the nest!

Yesterday evening, viewers could clearly see that signs of hatching had begun.

The surviving chick is now seven weeks old and the window for fledging is starting to open.

The feathers begin to stiffen as the blood in the growing shaft begins to recede, making the feather strong enough to sustain flight.Sometimes they land somewhere nearby before finally making their way back home.The chick will continue to depend on her parents for food (fish being the preferred option! Some of the feeding will transition from in the nest to eventually feeding her while perched somewhere away from the nest.Besides bulking up in size, the chicks will focus on growing “flight feathers” with the down between the feathers disappearing as the contour feathers on the body fill in.As the chicks build strength, you will see them start to extend their wings—perhaps even try flapping—and make early attempts at self-feeding.Usually the adult male will be the last to depart, as he remains to feed the young osprey as long as she is asking for food.


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