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If something as simple as changing which city you live in locally is going to cause an issue where the guy is unwilling to change, and if he isn’t willing to give up a pet to be with you …that really somebody you want to be with?I have come across this situation before and it is unfair for one person to drop their life to enter another’s …it should always be 50-50.never let your needs be bypassed because of somebody else’s choices in life. If the kids are grown and they have their own lives then it should be a non- issue. When dating somebody who is set up to retire in 15-20 years, this can pose a problem if you are both not on the same page.

He has done nothing all day and is stress free and making travel plans in his retirement dream living. Do you and the person have the same retirement goals.. If the person you are dating or married to wants to move to California when they retire and you still have 20 years left at your job and you like the place you work at, are you willing to move jobs for the last part of your life if you have to continue working?

All things that are difficult to think about but are a reality and need to be considered.

That would be best case scenario for the relationship. It is very hard when one person has several years till retirement and their spouse sits around drinking margaritas all day.

Sometimes if that is not the case where the man can financially offer that to you, then you will come into the situation where: you go to work 40 hours a week and you are stressed and tired just like any other real- life producer and you come home to a retired husband. It isn’t a typical lifestyle and that is a hard pill to swallow and it isn’t something that is thought through when starting the relationship.

Things to keep in mind if you are dating somebody older than you, ( 12 years of age difference) when dating older there are benefits as well as risks.

Typically I would write my posts gender neutral, but in this area of interest the statistics show that women are more often in this situation of dating older, as opposed to men.

Benefits: The person has had more life experience and has wisdom to offer you. They have seen the good and bad in life they Are generally established and know what they are doing in life as opposed to dating somebody in their 20’s who is still figuring out their life. They can fill voids in some sense ( some call it daddy issues but regardless, if it works for you WHO cares).

Lifestyle: A risk here is that they can be very set in heir ways.

Most of my boyfriends have been 35-50 and I am 25 years old.

I have learned a lot through the process and I have learned what really matters and have seen the realities of the end-goal.

That is a beautiful thing and hats off to the man for establishing his life like that.


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