Sara quin dating 2016

“Most of our audience couldn’t give a sh*t how old we are and we need to stop worrying about that, because we’re relevant.” Their transition from indie rockers to manufacturers of bright tunes that sit comfortably beside Taylor Swift’s 1989 has been more gradual than it sometimes seems.

They’re this next wave of really articulate, interesting, alternative voices.

The timing of it was a real reminder of how strong our community is,” says Tegan.

Their eighth, Love You to Death, arrived this month, and it’s a summery blast of pop goodness.

“But if you’d asked me first if we have telepathy I would have said, ‘No, you’re annoying, don’t even ask the question’.” The duo from Calgary, Canada, have been making albums for 17 years now.

Tegan’s face is slightly squarer, and she has a mark where she used to have a piercing below her lip.

Sara’s speaking voice is a little higher, her looks more pixieish.

At last week’s Much Music Video Awards in Toronto they performed for screaming 13-year-olds alongside “proper” pop stars including Nick Jonas, Fifth Harmony and Shawn Mendes.

Aware that they wouldn’t be grabbing attention in the traditional manner — by not wearing many clothes — they arrived on an open-top London sightseeing bus with 14 other sets of identical twins.

At 35, Tegan and Sara Quin are only just experiencing their first moment of spooky twin connectivity. They’ll be more tolerant of a discussion on the subject with me today, however, as I have twin daughters myself (who are big fans, incidentally, and have drawn a picture for them).


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